10 Best New Products at Costco in April

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It is no secret that money expert Clark Howard loves all things Costco. It is easy to see why with staples like their Tire Center and Optical Department as well as a constant array of new inventory. 

As a superfan of Costco myself, I love walking through the store and discovering fresh, new products. Sometimes, these products are from top-name brands. Sometimes, they are from small, local companies. Regardless, it is all part of the fun.

New Products at Costco This Month

Each month, I will take a look at the newest Costco products. While the majority will be under $100, if I find a particularly good deal, I will let you know. 

Remember: Costco products are not guaranteed to be there from month to month, so if you discover a new product that you can’t live without, be sure to snag it.

With spring in full swing and summer fast approaching, I am showcasing new items that could be perfect for many months outdoors whether by land or by water.

Loftex Home Beach Towel For 2 Assorted

Why I chose this:

Beach season is fast approaching, and maybe you are considering upgrading the supplies you take with you. How about a new beach towel big enough for two people? Or two furbabies? Or one person and one furbaby? Whatever your combination, Costco is selling these beach blankets in an assortment of colors and patterns. As you can see by the picture, they are going fast! 

As of right now, these are not available for purchase online. Fret not; Costco is selling other beach blankets on its website for a similar price. Since this was not under the “new items” tab on Costco.com, I spoke with an associate at my store who confirmed that the Loftex ones are a limited run and that they have never carried that brand in-club before.

HO Sports AK-1 Live Vests, 4-Pack

Why I chose this:

Piggybacking on upgrading your beach accessories and the entire aquatic theme, we need to consider water safety. Costco is now selling this four-pack of life vests. These are Type II US Coast Guard approved vests and perfect to keep on a boat, in your beach bag or wherever you are near the water. Weighing only 1 pound each, they are perfect to travel with.


One size does fit most, and at the price of $44.99 for the pack of four, each vest will cost roughly $11.25. This is a small price to pay for a little extra security.

Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce 34 oz

Why I chose this:

RUN to your local club to grab this barbecue sauce. I consider myself a BBQ connoisseur, and it is amazing. I had picked up a bottle at Target about three weeks prior, and if I had known that it would have been a Costco item, I would have waited. 

Unfortunately, Costco is not selling this new item online, but it can be found in-club. I contacted Costco customer relations and was told that this is not a regional item and should be found all over. Target is selling a 17 oz. bottle for $8.49. Costco is selling the 34 oz. bottle for $9.89. 

Disney Luna 8-piece Nesting Porcelain Dinnerware Set

Why I chose this:

For the Disney fan in all of us, this set is a steal at just $119.99. You’re getting a total of 8 pieces from the reputable brand, Lenox. Plus, they’re dishwasher and microwave-safe, adding to their value. 

The space-saving design is another win as they take up virtually no space.

They are perfect to carry your signature potato salad to the BBQ or put out an array of snacks for that upcoming game night. Either way, this Disney set is sure to make a splash.

Con-Tact Shelf Liner 2-Roll Pack

Why I chose this:

Remember the Con-Tact paper craze of the 70’s and 80’s? I am sure you can picture those groovy patterns. I remember different floral patterns from when I was a child visiting grandma. Anyway, I turned a corner in my local store; lo and behold, it was Contact-Paper! 


My local club is selling them as a 2-roll pack for $16.99. Online, Costco is selling them as a 4-pack for $54.99. If you can find them in the club, grab them as that is the better buy.

TRUE FS-01 Men’s Golf Shoe

Why I chose this:

Costco has a pretty impressive golf line, which includes clubs, golf balls, and even shoes! 

I have been scouting for a new pair of golf shoes for the past few weeks and came across these TRUE golf shoes in various colors and sizes. Not only are they sleek, but they come with an ultra-plush insole system. The ratings on these look decent, with only one negative review, and that was because of a shipping problem. Otherwise, fans love these, so I may check them out. Keep it in the fairway!

Sand + Fog Diffuser, Set of 3

Why I chose this:

Was it a rotisserie chicken? Or possibly a free sample cooking aisle ahead? Ah, yes! It was the aroma of Vanilla Sandalwood wafting through aisle 108 at my local Costco store.

Costco is selling a set of 3 diffusers by the Sand + Fog line in various colors for $29.99. The in-club price was $19.99, so if you get a chance to stop by and check them out, you can get a deal and pick the colors and scents that speak most to you.

CORE 6- Person Lighted Dome Tent

Why I chose this:

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, wait! It’s a tent! I chose this as one of my April new products because it caught my eye while browsing the store. You’re probably saying… “A tent caught his eye?” It did only because of its amazing placement in the store —suspended from the ceiling! 

As I walked down that aisle, I noticed that there were several tents to choose from, and it dawned on me that camping season was just ahead. This whopping 10 ft x 9ft tent sleeps six people, comes equipped with a built-in LED light, and can fit 2 queen air mattresses! It is $114.99 online, but in-club, it is $99.99, which makes this truly a bargain, especially when compared to the Amazon price of $139.99 for a similar tent.


Crocodile Cave Adventure Water Slide

Why I chose this:

This item caught my eye in-club as something fun to do during the upcoming summer. My only problem is that living in the suburbs, I do I not have a large enough backyard. But I can see this being a huge hit with kids all summer. 

Spanning nearly 205 inches long, 154 inches wide, and 122 inches high, this Crocodile Cave boasts an easy setup and take down and heavy-duty puncture-proof material. 

In club they were going for $379.99 and online the price is $20 more at $399.99. I usually don’t cover items like this with a high cost, but you could use this year after year with the proper upkeep and storage. Amazon is selling a similar one for over $100 more. The savings would essentially pay you back for the Cost of a Gold Star membership.

Kirkland Signature Loaf Wet Dog Food Variety Pack, 3.5 oz, 45 ct

Why I chose this:

I could not end this month without something for our four-legged friends. Costco is now selling this 45-count dog food for $34.99 online and $31.00 in-club which makes each tray less than $1.00. It is made with real chicken, turkey, or beef and contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. 

Final Thoughts

This is just the tip of the iceberg for April. As of today April 5, 2024, there are more than 250 new items at Costco this month

Be sure to check back every month as we update this list. Also, check out our social media channels to see me walking the store and showcasing some of these new products. 

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