$5M lawsuit claims Starbucks iced coffee has too much ice

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An Illinois woman has filed a lawsuit against Starbucks claiming the coffee chain is under-pouring their iced coffee beverages due to excessive levels of ice in the cup.

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Does too much ice make an iced coffee a ripoff?

The plaintiff, Stacy Pincus, argues in her lawsuit that the amount of coffee in the drink is not accurate because of the amount of ice included in the cup. She claims that instead of receiving 24 ounces of the liquid, as stated on the menu, customers only receive 14 ounces because of the disproportionate levels of ice put into the cup.

Pincus is seeking $5 million in the suit and also alleges that the prices for iced coffee are unfair considering the diminished amount of actual coffee the customer receives.

In response, Starbucks stated that the claims are without merit and that “customers understand and expect that ice is an essential component.” Their spokeswoman went on to state that if a customer is not happy with their beverage, they can at any time ask for it to be remade.

This lawsuit seems to have strong similarities with the “McDonald’s hot coffee case” which led to a meaningful debate on tort reform. You can find the full text of this suit against Starbucks here.

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