19 stores that will match Walmart’s ‘everyday low prices’

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If you’re looking for the lowest prices around, Walmart can often be the solution. But apparently not everyone loves to shop at America’s largest retailer, which could very easily depend on where you live and which store is nearby.

But here’s a shopping secret you may not be aware of: there are a lot of retailers that will match Walmart’s ‘everyday low prices.’

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How to get Walmart’s low prices at other stores

A shopping blogger named Kyle James did some research and found 19 different stores that will match Walmart’s prices.

But before you head out to start comparison shopping, James has a few tips for getting the most out of these price-matching offers.

‘This really works best on more expensive items,’ James told WAVE3. ‘If you’re going in and price matching grocery items, this may not be worth the time it takes to get that price match.’

Where you’re really going to see the biggest savings is on ‘more expensive electronics — TVs, laptops. kitchen appliances, coffee makers. Things that are a little more expensive.’

How to make it work 

1. Download the free Walmart app

2. While you’re out shopping, find the item you’re interested in on Walmart’s app: If Walmart has a lower price, take your phone (or tablet, whatever) to the store’s customer service department and ask for a price match based on the item’s price at Walmart.

3. Keep your receipt: If the price drops even lower, take your receipt back to the store and ask for another price adjustment — especially for those bigger, more expensive items.


So where can you get these price matches? Check out the list that James compiled of 19 retailers that will match Walmart’s ‘everyday low prices.’

Retailers that will match Walmart prices

    1. Babies R Us

    2. Best Buy

    3. Bed Bath & Beyond

    4. Dick’s Sporting Goods

    5. hhgregg

    6. Home Depot

    7. JCPenney

    8. Kohl’s

    9. Lowe’s


    10. Michaels

    11. Office Depot

    12. Office Max

    13. Petco

    14. Sears

    15. Sports Authority

    16. Staples

    17. Target

    18. Toys R Us

    19. West Marine


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