Resell your designer clothes online


If you’ve tired or sized out of the designer threads in your closet, there’s an easy way to turn them into cash in your life. is a new site that creates an online marketplace for gently used designer clothes. You list the stuff you want to sell, including descriptions and an image, and bam! You’re up online selling it! The whole listing process reportedly takes 60 seconds.

Tradesy will suggest a price point so you know how to price your items. They don’t charge you to list your clothing, but they will take a reasonable 9% commission on the sale price.

Once you’ve found a buyer, Tradesy sends you a prepaid shipping label and package. You bring it to the post office and you’re done.

There are several similar sites that compete with Tradesy. They include Poshmark, The Real Real, Threadflip, and 99Dresses.

Clark Deals
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