MoviePass Is Back: Should You Sign Up?

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MoviePass is back for an encore!

The subscription movie service shut down in September 2019. But now, is teasing a return, although little has been revealed about the reborn service at this point. A waitlist on the site’s homepage is now open, allowing a select number of people to gain access to the service.

Should You Sign Up for the New MoviePass?

Movie tickets today can run you close to $20 on the weekend, so a subscription for a flat monthly fee will always spark interest among film buffs. The question is how many movies will subscribers be allowed to view in one month? And what types of movies will be shown? Questions abound.

If MoviePass has worked out the kinks, it just might be worth it – – but I want to emphasize might.

The service has a checkered history, to say the least.

MoviePass: A Brief History

The idea of a movie-subscription service sounded great in 2011 when MoviePass launched. In its early days, subscribers paid between $29 and $34 a month to see an unlimited number of movies.

In August 2017, MoviePass membership exploded when it dropped tiered pricing and offered fans 30 films a month for just $10. Prices seesawed for a while as the company continued to tinker with its business model.

In August 2018,  the service announced that it was limiting customers to three movies per month for $9.95. At one point, former customers reported being re-subscribed when they tried to cancel the service. After shuttering in 2019, the company went into bankruptcy in 2020.

But now MoviePass is determined to make a curtain call. Here’s what we know about the service according to the site’s frequently asked questions page.

When Will New MoviePass Launch?

New MoviePass will be launching “on or around” Labor Day, September 5, 2022, the site says.


Previous MoviePass customers who have signed the waitlist will receive “bonus credits” to their accounts, according to the new site’s FAQ page.

How Much Will MoviePass Cost?

MoviePass will have three tiers of pricing. The site says “general prices” will be $10, $20 and $30.

“Each level will get a certain amount of credits to be able to use towards movies each month. More details to come,” the site says.

Final Thoughts

If MoviePass has finally found a business model that satisfies both film fans and the theater industry, it might be onto something, but if not, we’ve likely seen this movie before.

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