19 Ways To Save at The Home Depot

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If you’ve ever been to The Home Depot for some paint, building materials or home improvement supplies, you know it’s easy to spend a lot of money there. 

What makes shopping there even better is that you can save money by using coupons and other things to reduce your costs.

In this article, I will show you ways to save money at The Home Depot.

Ways You Can Save Money at The Home Depot

This list represents the results of my research of the latest Home Depot deals, savings strategies I’ve personally developed along the way and tips from money expert Clark Howard and his many fans.

With a little effort, you can get some of the best items sold in the store for less. Let’s get started!

1. Special Buy of the Day

Special Buy of the Day - How to save at Home Depot

The retailer offers a full webpage of items labeled “Special Buy of the Day.” Sometimes you can get the items delivered for free, too! You never know what’s on sale until you click, but there are at least a couple dozen items on the page each day.

2. Price Match Guarantee

The Home Depot promises that if you find a lower price on an identical, in-stock item from any retailer, it will match the price. All you need is a copy or photo of the competitor’s ad.

Here are some price-match exceptions though, including:

  • Seasonal, discontinued, clearance or going-out-of-business sale merchandise
  • Custom or special order products
  • Open-box merchandise as well as reconditioned, refurbished or previously discounted products
  • Items sold via a third-party or via a discount site

3. Emails With Promo Codes

How to save money at Home Depot

The home improvement retailer sends promo codes via email newsletters every so often, so when you get a sale alert in your inbox, you’ll want to open it!

You can also get $5 off your next purchase by signing up for The Home Depot’s Promo Text Program.


The deals come right to your phone. The company says you’ll receive no more than 10 texts per month.

4. Free Shipping and Delivery Based on Price

HomeDepot.com offers free standard shipping and residential delivery on most items over $45. For appliances, shipping is free for purchases of $396 or more. Are you weighing time against money? You can find the estimated arrival date of your item in your Shopping Cart under Product Information.

5. Rebate Center

HomeDepot.com has a Rebate Center that displays eligible products.

If you bought an item from The Home Depot in the store last year, check out the 11% Rebate Portal, which is still active for items purchased before 2024 but is being discontinued.

6. Special Values

The store’s Special Values page spotlights items on sale by category. To see how you can save the most, scroll down the left side of the page to find the “Temporary Price Reduction” filter. That section can lead you to items reduced by up to 40%.

7. Military Discount

Have you served our country? If so, you’re eligible for a 10% discount on certain items at all Home Depot stores in the United States (up to $400 annually). This discount is available to active, reserve and veteran personnel and their spouses. All you have to do is bring your military ID.

Don’t have a veteran’s ID? Here’s how to get one.

The discount is not available for purchases made online.

8. Rental Center

A great path to everyday savings is Home Depot’s Tool & Truck Rental Center, which allows you to rent building equipment and vehicles.

9. Preferred Pricing Discounts

The store offers volume discounts through its Preferred Pricing Program. Here’s how it works: If you’re buying for a big job, get an associate to add it all up on a price list.


To get started, join The Home Depot’s Pro Xtra program, a free loyalty program that lets you earn perks with each purchase and discounts like 20% off on paints, stains and primers.

Preferred pricing at The Home Depot

Save even more with the Preferred Pricing Program by buying bulk-pricing eligible items. 

10. Free Lumber Cuts

If you buy lumber from The Home Depot, the retailer will do some complimentary cuts for free. This is subject to size limitations and applies only to the wood you buy in the store.

11. Free DIY Workshops

Your local Home Depot has long offered free do-it-yourself workshops on everything from kitchen makeovers to how to install a ceiling fan. Now a lot of those workshops stream online.

12. ‘Oops’ Paint

Many Home Depot stores have a small, rotating selection of what is called “Oops” paint. This is typically kept in a nondescript area of the paint department close to where the paint mixing is done.

“Oops” paint is sold for a heavy discount because the store was not able to sell it to a customer, either because the color was off, the texture was incorrect or some other reason. You’ll need to ask an associate to lead you to the secret stash. It may inspire — or change — your painting strategy.

13. The Home Depot’s Local Ad

The store displays the latest sales in its Local Ad, where you can find tons of discounts in the stores closest to you. You can find these circulars in stores, in your mailbox or on the store’s website.

14. Shop on Sales Holidays

Some of the best deals you’ll find at The Home Depot will typically coincide with some of the retail holidays. Check out the sales on these days in particular:

  • Black Friday
  • Amazon Prime Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day

15. Garden Club

Clark’s personal tip for saving at The Home Depot is to join its online Garden Club to get discount coupons for the store’s garden area.

The Garden Club also features project guides and gardening tips.


16. Clearance Section

Judi shared the following on Clark’s Facebook page: “Check out their clearance section. Pay special attention to items that may not have a price tag. I was shopping for a medicine cabinet to use to store my jewelry. I found one in the clearance section without a price that was mirrored on all sides ($200 custom order). It was priced at $.01 (yes — you read that right, one cent). After an item is not sold, they keep dropping the price and after it is one cent they destroy it. I KNOW it was not sold previously because no one else waited to get the price.”

17. Gift Cards

Clark generally avoids retail gift cards, but he grabs them up when he can buy them at a discount.

Tambryn wrote on Clark’s Facebook page: “We get a gift card through our credit card and use it to take on big projects. Also, we stop by the seasonal section at the end of the season to replace anything that broke or wore out that year or to stick up for next year (like new Christmas lights in January).”

18. Cash Back Credit Card Bonuses

While The Home Depot credit card may have attractive offers from time to time, you should be careful. Clark usually is not in favor of using store credit cards because of the high interest rates and unfriendly terms.

However, you may have a rewards credit card that will give you bonus cash back on home improvement purchases periodically or year-round.

19. ClarkDeals.com

Home Depot promo codes at Clarkdeals.com

Finally, if you don’t want to subscribe to the store’s newsletter, check out Clark Deals for the latest Home Depot deal!

Final Thought

Make sure you save this article so that you can refer to it the next time you’re in The Home Depot or shopping on its website.

There are so many great ways to save at The Home Depot, and we’re always looking for more.

How do you save money at The Home Depot? Share your thoughts in our Clark.com Community!

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