What Is Groupon Select and Is It Worth It?

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If you love using Groupon for deals on local events, products, tickets and travel, you may have seen the ads for Groupon Select while shopping online.

Groupon Select is a subscription membership service that provides access to additional discounts, exclusive deals and more for $4.99 each month. But what exactly does Groupon Select offer, and is it worth it?

Team Clark signed up just to find out! In this article, I’ll cover all the benefits and drawbacks and offer some tips on using Groupon Select to your best advantage.

This article was updated in August 2023 and I review it every 12 months. Detailed notes on all updates can be found here.

Benefits of Groupon Select

Groupon Select members enjoy additional discounts that are automatically applied during checkout with no coupons or promo codes required. Here are the specific perks of joining Groupon Select:

  • 25% off local deals (restaurants, massages, auto maintenance, family activities and more)
  • 15% off goods (health & wellness essentials, games, home items, and more) 
  • 10% off travel (flight-inclusive vacations, tour packages, resorts and hotels)
  • 10% off event tickets (improv shows, concerts, plays, etc.)

We found that sometimes you can get even more than 25% off local deals.

This one-hour Rocky Mountain Paddleboard deal was available for only $1.40 after Groupon Select savings. That’s a total of 90% off.

Groupon Select Paddleboard deal
Screenshot from Groupon.com
$1.40 Groupon Select deal
Screenshot from Groupon.com

There are no restrictions on the number of deals you can buy each day, and you’ll also occasionally receive emails about access to what Groupon calls “exclusive” deals.

How To Get the Best Deal Using Groupon Select

You’ll see how much you’ve saved with Groupon Select on each purchase under the subtotal in the order summary section.

If you’re a Groupon Select member and don’t see your discount during checkout, make sure it’s eligible for additional savings by checking the troubleshooting FAQ page.


To make sure you’re getting the best deal with Groupon Select, be sure to read customer reviews. Read all of the details and familiarize yourself with the Groupon return policy: Local deals can be refunded within three days of purchase, Groupon Getaway deals can be refunded until the “book by” date has passed and most Groupon Goods may be returned within 30 days of delivery.

You’ll also want to compare prices of the items you’re considering, using a tool such as Google Shopping, to ensure you’re getting the best deal available.

How To Get the Best Deal Using Groupon Select

To become a Groupon Select member, follow these steps:

  • Visit this section of Groupon’s website.
  • Click “Join Now” to check your eligibility. Note: you must create or log in to your free Groupon account in order to register for Groupon Select.
  • If prompted, click “enroll.” 
  • Link an existing credit card or select “add” to choose a new card.
  • You’ll get a notification that your enrollment was successful.
Screenshot from Groupon.com
Screenshot from Groupon.com

In addition to getting the first month free, we’ve also seen offers for a $5 Starbucks gift card upon signup or $30 in Groupon Bucks. 

Once you’re signed up, you can visit the Groupon Select Account page to track your account status, payment method and billing history. This is also the same page you’ll visit if you want to cancel your membership. You can cancel your membership at any time.

In our experience, signing up was a little confusing, as Groupon Select offers and membership options appeared to change regularly.

Final Thoughts

Groupon is a great way to branch out and try something new, and Groupon Select makes it cheaper than ever. The service is probably best for regular Groupon shoppers who are confident that their savings will offset the $4.99 monthly fee. 

Here’s what money expert Clark Howard has to say about Groupon Select:

“Groupon is trying to get you to be a subscriber. They want you to join Groupon Select. Is it worth your $5 a month? If you use Groupon regularly already and you find great deals, then it’s worth trying. On the other hand, if you’re just paying attention to Groupon again, a membership sounds like a bad idea because you’re not likely to remember to use it and $5 eats a hole in your wallet every month.”

If you do use Groupon often enough to justify the monthly membership fee, there are several benefits that you’ll receive as a member.

Groupon Select Membership Benefits:

  • Additional savings on travel and entertainment 
  • Free shipping on select items
  • Access to exclusive deals
  • Sign-up offer may be available

If you try Groupon Select and decide that it’s not worth it, just remember to cancel to avoid being charged in the future. You can still access Groupon’s other deals without being a Groupon Select member. 


If you are a Groupon Select member, be sure to check the discounts on your checkout page, as not all Groupon sellers participate in the Groupon Select program. For more information, you can find Groupon Select’s terms and conditions as well as common fine print terms online.

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Article Updates
  • August 15, 2023: Removed the Groupon Student Program (no longer available)
  • August 15, 2023: Removed the “Exclusions and Fine Print” section; linked to the terms and conditions as well as common fine print terms under “Final Thoughts”
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