These 10 Groceries Items Are Getting More Expensive


If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you’ve probably noticed that prices are going up. But you may be curious to know which items have seen the largest increases in recent months.

The latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index indicate that several American staples — including meat and dairy items — have all risen in price.

Why Are Grocery Items Going Up?

The data show that meat, poultry and fish are up 2.2% since June 2020, but when we look at some items in those categories individually, we see bigger increases in price.

One reason is a constricted supply chain, which has led grocers to offer fewer deals, according to a recent article from Bloomberg.

“When there’s a shortage in supply, it makes no sense to promote aggressively,” Vivek Sankaran, CEO of the Albertsons grocery store chain, told Bloomberg recently. “That’s why you see inflation in some categories. It just makes no sense to play with price at this point.”

Here are 10 grocery items (or categories) that have jumped in price recently.

These Grocery Items Are Going Up in Price

Food ItemSeasonally Adjusted % ChangeSince Time Period
Uncooked Beef Roasts19.5%May 2020
Fresh Whole Chicken7.1%April 2020
Uncooked Beef Steaks 5.3%June 2020
Fresh Whole Milk4%August 2020
Bread3.7%April 2020
Fresh Fish & Seafood 3.5%April 2020
Butter & Margarine2.2%February 2021
Poultry2.2%May 2020
Eggs2%March 2021
Breakfast Cereal2%September 2020

See the complete list from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Final Thought

There are still plenty of ways you can save at the grocery store. Money expert Clark Howard always compares the price of the store brand product over the name-brand item to save money.

“Try a store brand just once the next time you’re at the supermarket. If you like what you buy, you save money that time and every time going forward when you buy it again,” Clark Howard says.

Here are three other tips from Team Clark to save on groceries:

  1. Check unit prices.
  2. Download cashback apps.
  3. Use the store’s pickup service to avoid impulse buys.

Check out Team Clark’s full list of 20+ ways to save money on groceries to reduce your bill when you make your next trip to the grocery store.


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