3 Free Tools To Find Secret Codes and Discounts While Shopping Online

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Can you really shop and save at the same time? It’s not only possible, it can be pretty easy when you use a free tool like a browser or browser extension.

Free Tools To Find Coupon Codes Online

I will talk about three tools that you use in your web browser to get coupon codes and discounts. Some of the options below require an installation, but let’s start with the easiest option that’s also installation-free.

1. Microsoft Edge Shopping

Microsoft Edge has released several new features for online shopping. All of them are built into the browser, so there is no need to install or add them.

You can customize which features you want to use and adjust your privacy settings accordingly. You can read more about how to adjust those settings here.

Express Checkout is very convenient. When you have added items to your cart and you are ready to check out, you can use it to check for discount coupons.

To use the coupon feature, you simply click the blue shopping tag icon on the address bar. This icon will be displayed when Edge notices you are shopping. After you select an item on a webpage, the shopping tool will scour the internet and notify you whether the price is stable, has increased or dropped — and if any coupon codes are available.

You will have the option, depending on the results, to check back for coupons if the price is found to be stable and to apply coupon codes. Edge will also search the web for a better deal and will notify you if it finds one.

You can turn the shopping tool on or off by opening the Settings menu and selecting “Privacy, Search and Services” from the menu on the left. Under “Services,” use the slider to toggle the shopping tool on and off. By default, the shopping tool will be enabled.

Each notification you get will provide more detailed information. For example, it will show you the pricing trend, the high and low prices and the percentage of the increase or decrease in the price.

You’ll also have the option to compare your item with those at other retailers and view recent items and buying guides. If a website is found offering a lower price, a link to that site will be provided.


Microsoft Edge Shopping Pros and Cons

Automatically built into the browserAvailable only in the Microsoft Edge browser
No need to installCollects some personal information
Does not cause performance issues in the browser
Saves time and money when shopping online
Finds coupon codes and discounts quickly and automatically

2. Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a free browser add-on that saves you time and money when shopping online and in stores. There are no fees, monthly charges or penalties, and you don’t need a Capital One credit card to use the tool.

It finds coupon codes, compares prices, alerts you to better deals and calculates shipping costs. This helps make your online shopping much easier because you won’t need to do all of this manually.

The Capital One Shopping tool collects information about your shopping interests, your email address and your ZIP code. The privacy policy states that the company won’t share or sell your information.


To install the browser tool, visit this website and click the button to add the tool to your browser. The Capital One Shopping tool can be used in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari web browsers.

Once it has been installed, you will see a pop-up stating that the shopping tool has been added. Click “OK.”

You will then be presented with privacy options. Review the statement and decide if you would like to opt in or out. You can opt out and still use the shopping tool (which is what I recommend).

Next, you will see the “Let’s get started” page. You will enter your ZIP code and your Amazon Prime status (so that the tool can calculate your savings based on whether you’re a Prime member). You will enter your email address and select a password to set up your account. You will have the chance to read the terms of service and privacy policy. Once you have entered all of your information, click the “Continue” button to finish the account set-up process.

At this point, you get to choose a few of your favorite stores. You can skip this step, but it is used to get an idea of what kind of online shopping you do. Select the stores you use and click “Continue” or click “Skip this step” if you don’t want to provide that information.

Next, click the “Activate” button to enable the tool in your web browser, and then click the “Continue” button. The demo will show you how to try out the codes the tool provides. Click “Try codes,” click “Continue” and then click “Finish” to end the tutorial.

Once the tool has been added, you can turn it on and off by viewing the add-ons menu in your browser.


If you need to adjust your settings or view your account information, go to the Capital One website and click the account menu to manage your account.

Coupon Codes

If you have ever searched for coupon codes, you know it can be frustrating trying to find a code that actually works. Many codes you find online are either fake or have expired. Capital One Shopping makes it much easier to find legitimate coupon codes. Once a code is found, it will be automatically applied during the checkout process. If multiple codes are found, the code that saves you the most will be used.

Shopping Credits

When you shop online, Capital One Shopping tracks that. Also, you earn Capital One Shopping credits for those purchases.

Not only can you earn credits online, but you can also earn credits locally when you shop or dine out. Capital One uses your ZIP code to determine your location.

The Shopping Local Offers program is free. You link your eligible credit or debit card and then use it at participating stores to earn your Capital One Shopping credits.

Money expert Clark Howard recommends that you always use a credit card online — never a debit card. A debit card is linked to your bank account and offers little protection if the account is compromised. Credit cards offer much better protection and are not linked to your bank account.

Price Comparison

Capital One Shopping’s price comparison feature searches different websites to make sure you get the best price. For example, if you are shopping for a new air fryer, the shopping tool will look at multiple websites and find the one with the lowest price. So if you are shopping on Amazon and the shopping tool finds a lower price at another site, you will get a pop-up in your web browser informing you of the deal and providing a link to that website.

Shipping costs, taxes and any available coupons are also calculated when doing a price comparison so the price you see is the total cost.

Price Drop Notification

When shopping online, sometimes we hold off on making a purchase, waiting for the price to drop. Monitoring this can be time-consuming. Capital One Shopping does the monitoring for you. You can add the item to your watch list, and Capital One Shopping will monitor the item for 60 days. When it finds a lower price, you’ll get a notification.

Search Tool

The search tool is extremely useful. Instead of going to multiple websites to shop for an item, you can go to the Capital One website and search for the item there. It will search multiple sites at once so that you can view the results in one location.


Taxes, shipping costs and coupon codes are already included in the search results, so the prices you see have those already calculated for you. Shopping credits are included, so you’ll see those sites that offer the Capital One Shopping credits.

Capital One Shopping Pros and Cons

Earn rewards shopping both online and locallyCollects some personal data
Completely free and user friendlyMust use a United States address
Finds legitimate coupon codes and other discounts automaticallyLimited gift card options
Works with most major browsers

3. Honey

Honey is a browser add-on that searches for coupon codes while you shop online. Honey is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Honey does collect some personal information about you. You don’t have to provide your email address, but you’ll be able to use more of Honey’s features if you do. In its privacy policy, Honey says it will never sell or share your personal information.

When it finds coupons, Honey will automatically choose the coupon with the biggest savings and apply it to your cart at checkout.


To install the add-on, go to the Honey website and click the “Add to [name of browser]” button. Follow the prompts to install.

You will receive a notification that Honey was added. Click “OK” to confirm.

Honey will be displayed as an “H” on your address bar. After installation, click the “H” icon and then click the “People” icon at the bottom to create your account. Enter your email address and choose a password.

You’ll have the opportunity to read the terms of service and the privacy policy at that time. Once you are ready to agree check the “Agree” box to complete the set-up process.

The Honey icon will turn orange when you are shopping online if that website supports Honey. If a coupon is found for that site, the icon will display in green. A number will indicate the number of coupons Honey found.

Click the Honey icon. Next to the coupon, it will display the last time the coupon code worked. Select a coupon from the list to copy the code.


If Honey doesn’t find a coupon code or a better price, it will notify you that you already have the best price.

Gold Rewards

With Honey, you earn “gold points” on eligible purchases through its Gold Rewards program. The rewards can be redeemed as cash back or as store gift cards. Not all stores support the program.

If a website does offer Gold Rewards, you will see it listed in the browser extension.

Honey Pros and Cons

Free and user friendlyCollects some personal information
Automatically searches for coupon codesSometimes offers discounts and coupon codes that have expired
Can be used at many online retailersSome reports of the app crashing occasionally
Offers discounts on travel
Easy to install
Works with most major browsers

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