The food police are dealt a blow in New York


The Mayor of New York is pretty upset that a judge took away his right to control the size of soft drink you can buy. Mayor Bloomberg plans an appeal, so we’ll see how this shakes out.

Yet the reality is people are drinking less soda and more water. Fifteen years ago, the average American drank more soda pop than water. Today, that’s completely reversed.

I like soft drinks, but I drink more water than soda pop. That’s a personal choice.

Bloomberg’s whole thing with the soda ban was about calorie counts. But riddle me this: Why at the same time that we’re drinking less pop are we more obese as a nation? To blame it all on soft drinks is crazy.

If you want a root cause of the problem, look no further than the car. Manhattanites are so trim because they walk all the time. But go out to the tri-state suburbs and you’ll see people carrying a lot more weight.

Meanwhile, highway fatalities are up for the first time in a long time. So do we ban cars or driving? No!

The reality is life is all about choices and risk. Of course it would be better if everybody at raw veggies and drank juices. But not everybody is going to make that choice.

Still, the government has no role dictating what we can eat or drink!

Clark Deals
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