What Can You Find in eBay’s $10 and Under Section?

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Among online marketplaces, eBay is one of the best in the business. The easy-to-use e-commerce site is a favorite of Team Clark’s for finding cheap new and like-new items for sale.

But did you know eBay has a $10 and Under section? If you’re not trying to break the bank, it’s a must-visit part of eBay.

What Can You Find for $10 or Less on eBay?

To find items $10 and under on eBay, go to ebay.com/str/under10. You can then scroll down to the bottom of the page to sort by:

  • Age Level
  • Brand
  • Condition (New, Used, Not Specified)
  • Price
  • Buying Format (All Listings, Best Offer, Auction or Buy It Now)
  • And more!

In this article, we’re going to show you some of our favorite things you can find in eBay’s $10 or less section.

eBay $10 and Under Section

Screenshot via ebay.com

What Are the Best Under $10 Categories?

Click on the Categories tab to see sections such as cameras, cell phones, collectibles, health and beauty, and more. Here are some items we found for $10 or less.


When it comes to electronics, I found a Doogee Bluetooth smartwatch for under $7. I also saw a 45-watt USB C Samsung Galaxy charger for under $6 as well.

eBay Under 10 electronics

Screenshot via ebay.com


In Ebay’s Under $10 Clothing section, I found a Hanes Ultra Sheer Pantyhose for under $6 and an assortment of four neckties all for $5 total.

eBay $10 and under Clothing section

Screenshot via ebay.com



Another section you’ve got to check out is Ebay’s Under $10 Jewelry section. This is where I found a Quartz wristwatch for under $6. I also found a sterling silver rose gold ring for under $9.99.

eBay Under $10 Jewelry section

Screenshot via ebay.com

Here are some other categories you’ll be sure to find deals under:

“Under $10” highlights eBay’s vibrant inventory including:

Final Thoughts

When buying from an eBay seller, only deal with those that have a “100% positive feedback” label by their username, which means that they have received a perfect 5.0 for each of the following marketplace benchmarks:

  • Accurate description of the item
  • Reasonable shipping cost
  • Shipping speed
  • Communication

Looking for cheap stuff? Along with saving at Amazon, add eBay’s Under $10 section as an online shopping destination.

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