Here Are 100+ Brands That Are Made in the USA


In a time when so many of our goods are made overseas, it’s nice to be reminded of brands and retailers that sell merchandise 100% made in the USA.

When you buy American, you help to keep local businesses strong and support domestic job growth at the same time.

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100+ Brands and Stores Made in the USA

These 100+ brands and stores are 100% made in the USA. If you’re in the patriotic spirit, or just want to support American small business, here’s a list of companies to consider! If you want to shop American at Amazon, use this link, but remember to double-check the seller before purchase.


Jeans and Denim

Handbags, Accessories & Jewelry

Shoes and Footwear

Zappos has a page dedicated to footwear made in the USA here.

Beauty and Personal Care

Cookware & Home


Wayfair has a page for made in America furniture and decor here.




Did any of your favorite American-made products miss our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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