12 Items That Can’t Be Returned to Amazon

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If you shop at Amazon, you may need to return an item from time to time — but whether Amazon will accept it is another matter.

This article will tell you about some merchandise that Amazon won’t allow you to send back. Later on, I’ll explain the Amazon return process in detail.

12 Items That You Can’t Return to Amazon

1. Computers (After 30 Days)

Once 30 days have elapsed, you can no longer return computers; that includes laptops, desktops and Kindles, the retailer says.

2. Hazardous Materials

Items that are classified as hazardous materials, including those with flammable liquids or gases, are not returnable. Amazon wants you to contact the item’s manufacturer for any refund information.

3. Items Without Tracking Numbers

If your product doesn’t have a serial number or UPC, Amazon says you cannot return it.

4. Downloadable Software

Any digital products that you have to download are not returnable.

5. Online Subscriptions

Any digital subscriptions that you’ve downloaded cannot be returned.

6. Gift Cards

Amazon does not allow you to return gift cards unless you live in a state that has a cash back” law for gift cards.

7. Prepaid Game Cards

Prepaid cards bought in games are not returnable. An example of a game for which you can buy prepaid cards is “World of Warcraft,” which works on gaming platforms like Xbox 360 Live. Wii Points, a form of gaming currency, are also not returnable, according to Amazon.

8. Some Jewelry Items

Jewelry with a value of $35 or more must be returned via trackable shipping, according to Amazon. To be accepted, the jewelry cannot have been resized or altered in any way.


9. Some Health and Personal Care Items

The majority of health and personal items, including hygienic products, are returnable. However, some items that are “health hazards or may pose safety concerns” based on their contents or ingredients, are not returnable, an Amazon customer service representative confirmed to Team Clark.

10. Grocery Products

While Amazon does not accept the return of grocery items (including those ordered via Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods), you can ask for a refund or replacement for unsatisfactory items.

11. Open Software

While in most cases, items in opened boxes can still be returned to Amazon, that is not the case with software. Once the software has been used, it cannot be returned, an Amazon customer service representative told Team Clark. Amazon says you can contact its technical department for tech support.

12. Live Insects

Amazon says live insects are not returnable, but your purchase may be refundable.

What Is Amazon’s Return Policy?

In general, Amazon allows you to return items within 30 days of receipt of shipment.

An Amazon.com representative told Team Clark that if you need to return an item after the 30-day return period, it’s a good idea to reach out to the third-party seller.

The third-party seller may choose to accept the item past the 30-day mark. It just depends.

How To Know Whether an Amazon Item Can Be Returned

According to Amazon’s website, you can quickly tell whether the item you’ve bought can be returned if you see a message that says so when you select Return or Replace Item in the Your Orders section of your account.

“If the item is not returnable per the Amazon return policy, you will not see any message,” it says on Amazon.com.

How To Return an Amazon Item

There may be several ways to return an item bought on Amazon.com depending on the seller, the reason for the return, and the type of merchandise.


To return an item in general, here are the steps:

  • Go to the Your Orders section in your account.
  • Click on the item you want to return.
  • If the item is returnable, it will be indicated by a Return or Replace link.
  • You can print the return labels and check the status of your return at Amazon’s Return Center.

If you buy a nonreturnable item and discover that it is damaged or defective, Amazon wants you to request a refund or replacement in the Your Orders section of your account. If you don’t see a refund or replacement option, contact Amazon.

As for refunds, Amazon says you can generally expect to get your money back within seven days after it receives and processes the merchandise.

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