Watch out for this Dollar General scam that is going viral

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If you’re someone who loves a great deal and saving money, you’re probably always on the lookout for coupons.

But not all coupons are legit, especially when they show up on Facebook.

In fact, a $60 Dollar General coupon recently went viral, but like similar coupon scams in the past, it’s just a hoax to get you to click!

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Don’t click on this fake $60 Dollar General voucher!

The scam invites Dollar General customers to answer a series of questions in order to receive a $60 Dollar General voucher.

Watch out for this Dollar General scam that is going viral

Text on the spammy survey states, ‘Congratulations! ! You have been selected to take part in our short survey and get one $60 voucher for Dollar General! We only have 144 gifts remaining so hurry up!’

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A series of questions are then asked, such as ‘Have you ever shopped in a Dollar General?’, ‘Have you ever bought a gift from Dollar General for a friend or family member?’ and ‘Have you ever been dissatisfied by a product you bought from Dollar General?’

After this, the page asks users to share the survey on Facebook and send it to 15 friends. Then you can click to enter your information to receive ‘your unique gift card.’


Watch out for this Dollar General scam that is going viral

But, this page has nothing to do with Dollar General. The offer is completely fake!

If you see this coupon or something like it on Facebook, read below for what you should do to keep you and your friends’ information safe.

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Avoid online coupon or freebie scams by following these steps:

  • Go to the company’s Facebook page and see if the offer is posted there. If it’s a large company (most of these fraudulent posts target big companies that are well-known), you’ll want to be sure it’s the company’s verified page. A verified page has this symbol directly to the right of the company name:  Watch out for this Southwest scam on Facebook
  • If it is not posted, look on the company’s official website, and see if there are any details on the offer or promotion there.
  • If the coupon is not posted in either of those places, it is likely not legitimate, but you could also contact the company directly to know for sure.

Note that if you ever click on one of these fake offers, you could be putting your data and security (as well as your friends’ data and security) at risk! Stay safe, and avoid clicking on or sharing fraudulent posts.

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