Beware of this fake Belk coupon on Facebook

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The scammers are at it again on Facebook. This time, the scam has to do with a coupon for Belk department stores.

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How to spot the scam

The coupon offers $90 off a purchase of $95 or more at Belk stores by clicking on the offer and answering several questions. The questions ask if you have ever shopped at a Belk store, if you have ever bought a gift for someone at Belk and if you have ever had a negative experience at Belk. Then it says it is generating a coupon for you to use at Belk to get the enormous discount. 

But Belk has nothing to do with this coupon, and neither does Facebook. Belk has issued a warning to its customers about this particular coupon scam and advised customers to avoid clicking on the coupon link:

If an offer on Facebook looks too good to be true, it probably is! It’s important to never click on or share anything fradulent so the scammers don’t get access to you or your Facebook friends’ information or send you to a potentially malicious website. 

Whenever you see a fake coupon, the best practice is to avoid clicking on the post, and to report the post to Facebook by clicking on the top right hand corner of the post. This will ensure other people do not get scammed in the future. 

Beware of this fake Belk coupon on Facebook

Here are 5 ways to spot and avoid similar online coupon scams!

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