America’s Best Contacts & Glasses: 5 Things to Know

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If you’re looking for a way to save when it comes to your eye care, America’s Best Contacts & Glasses may be able to help you cut costs. America’s Best offers free eye exams to customers who purchase two pairs of glasses, up to six contacts exams for $99, and other great deals to help you maintain your eye health.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the deals America’s Best offers, how to save on glasses or contacts, and what to expect as an America’s Best customer.

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How to Save on Eye Exams at America’s Best

Eye exam offers at America's Best

Based on a recent price comparison, an exam for a new eyeglass prescription costs around $70 on average. For a contacts exam, you can typically expect to pay $100-$150. 

America’s Best offers eye exams beginning at $50 and contacts exams for $89. That means you’ll be saving between $20 and $60 compared to most optometrist’s offices.

Beyond these already-low prices, there are two simple ways to save even more on eye exams with America’s Best:

If you’re looking to get new glasses, consider buying two pairs from America’s Best in order to receive a free eye exam. Simply schedule an exam at a location near you and purchase two pairs of glasses at the end of your visit to avoid the $50 eye exam fee. 

Contact-wearers should consider joining the Eyecare Club. Membership costs $99 for 3 years, and benefits include up to two eye exams per year. The exams include eyeglasses and contact prescriptions as well as a fitting for contact lenses. According to America’s Best, that’s a $400+ value!

Keep in mind that vision insurance does not cover the cost of the Eyecare Club membership. If you plan on using insurance for a contacts exam, a single appointment may be the most cost-effective option.


How to Save on Glasses and Contacts at America’s Best

Deals on glasses, contacts and eye exams at America's Best

America’s Best offers glasses ranging from $59.95 to $179.95 each, but there are several ways to reduce the final price. 

For example, choosing single vision plastic lenses adds no additional cost to the frames. You can choose to upgrade to polycarbonate Verilite lenses for $69 or get lined bifocals for an additional $20. Some additional options include a protection package for $50, Transitions Signature lenses for $80 and/or an anti-reflective coating for $55.

When it comes to getting the best deal on glasses at America’s Best, be sure to take advantage of the two-pairs for $69.95 offer. With this deal, you can choose any two pairs of glasses in the $59.95 selection for $69.95 total. That means you’ll be getting your second pair for just $10. Just be sure you’re choosing glasses from the eligible selection to avoid additional costs.

For the best price on contacts, consider joining America’s Best’s Eyecare Club for $99. In addition to three years of free eye exams, members are eligible for Sofmed Breathables contacts at only $11 per month

Here are a few more benefits of the Eyecare Club

  • Save 10% or more on all replacement contact lenses
  • Take 10% off all eyeglasses, including designer frames, in-store
  • Get 10% off accessories in-store

Vision Insurance Accepted by America’s Best

Vision Insurances accepted by America's Best

America’s Best accepts quite a few national vision plans in addition to regional insurance plans and FSA/HSA funds. 

America’s Best accepts the following national vision insurance plans:

  • Avesis
  • Community Eye Care
  • Davis Vision
  • EyeMed
  • Heritage
  • MetLife
  • National Vision Administrators
  • Spectera
  • Superior Vision
  • United Healthcare
  • America’s Best Vision Plan (California residents only)

Of course, vision insurance isn’t required, especially with the low prices at America’s Best.


How Does Vision Insurance Affect Offers?

According to America’s Best’s website, “insurance benefits cannot be combined with promotional offers, including our 2 pair offers.” 

Still, be sure to speak with an associate in-store to determine how to get the best value. In some cases, the offered deals may result in more savings than filing with your insurance.

For example, the $99 Eyecare Club membership fee isn’t covered by insurance providers; however, membership in the Eyecare Club allows for two free contacts (and glasses) exams per year for the next three years. Depending on your insurance provider and copay amount, the membership fee may be a better deal over time.

Warranties, Guarantees and Protection Plans

Glasses that are purchased from America’s Best are under warranty for the first year. The warranty covers manufacturer defects, but it doesn’t include scratching, breakage from use or loss. 

You can also purchase the optional one-year protection plan. The cost varies depending on which glasses you’re covering, and the protection plan covers one replacement of broken glasses. The protection plan is automatically included for free if you purchase two pairs of glasses and upgrade to a special lens package.

America’s Best offers a prescription guarantee which states that if your prescription changes within 60 days of your eye exam, America’s Best will replace your lenses for free

Lastly, if you need to return your glasses or accessories, you can bring them along with the receipt to your nearest store for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. 

Customer Reviews

In addition to checking out the offers at America’s Best, I spent an hour and a half reading customer reviews, recommendations and complaints on Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs and Yelp. 

Out of 56 customer reviews at Better Business Bureau, America’s Best holds 1 of 5 stars with 299 complaints closed in the last three years. At Consumer Affairs, 127 customer reviews leave America’s Best with 1.5 stars out of 5. Lastly, Yelp has 136 reviews that leave America’s Best with 2.5 stars out of 5. 

As with most products and services, there are many 1-star reviews along with several 5-star reviews indicating that customer experiences have varied greatly across different locations in the past. 


The negative reviews address customer service, timeliness, final cost and product quality. Many customers have indicated that instead of the advertised 7-10 days, it’s taken closer to two weeks to receive orders — and glasses often still need to be adjusted or fixed upon arrival. Still, according to other customers, America’s Best was able to resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Quite a few customers share that the final price they were asked to pay wasn’t quite what they were expecting. One customer, in particular, planned on using vision insurance to cover the $89 contact exam fee. Of course, for $10 more, America’s Best offers the 3-year membership which includes up to two free exams per year. Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t cover the club membership. If you plan on using your accepted vision plan, the single contacts exam would be the most cost-effective choice

Additionally, reviewers advise that customers should be aware of which frames and lenses they choose for the 2-for-$69.95 deal. Fine print and upgraded lenses can quickly balloon the final price.

Positive reviews mentioned friendly, helpful staff members; low costs; and satisfaction with glasses and contacts. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a cost-effective eye exam or a simple prescription in plastic frames, America’s Best may be a great option for you. If your prescription is more complex or for ocular health concerns, paying the additional fee to see your regular optometrist may be worth it.

For customers who aren’t using vision insurance, you’ll most likely save at least $20-$60 on eye exams and contacts fittings at America’s Best. If you join the Eyecare Club, you’ll end up saving even more over the course of three years!

When it comes to purchasing glasses, ask your optometrist if the basic lenses included in the 2-for-$69.95 deal will work for you. Also, be sure to keep your receipt in case you need to return or exchange any products.

Have you had an eye exam or ordered glasses/contacts from America’s Best? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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