Forget about cheap glasses…This app corrects your vision!


Tired of wearing glasses? Contacts or Lasik not an option? Technology might just ride to the rescue with an app that’s scientifically proven to correct vision.

If you have perfect vision, I am jealous. I was wearing glasses since before elementary school. I wish there were more pictures of this, but I grew up in an era when there weren’t a lot of photos.

I had a lazy eye and wore a patch over 1 eye, wore glasses, and always had my head cocked to one side. It was not exactly the most attractive look! So glasses have been part of my existence since I can remember.

When I saw a Wall Street Journal  story about a paid app designed to correct the reading vision of those who are 40-60, I couldn’t believe it.

Glasses Off is an iPhone app that offers a 12-week training program to teach your eyes to work without needing prescription glasses. A study in a journal called Scientific Reports concurs that this thing actually works. (An Android app is coming soon.)

This app gives you a vision test right on your smartphone and then has a training program that you use 3 times a week for 15 minutes per session. As you do this over time, you go from your reading vision being really fuzzy to really sharp.

This is a paid app that costs $59 for 4 months, which is how long the program runs. After that, you maintain your corrected vision with a less frequent program.

I’m not interested in this because it’s the kind of thing that could save me money. After all, I buy my glasses for around $8 – $12 with frames and lenses complete through a variety of websites. Those are cheap glasses!

But I am interested in it because I hate wearing glasses. I would pay $100, maybe even $200, for an Android app version of Glasses Off. I can’t stand these things on my face!


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