Here Are the Best Flu Shot Deals at CVS, Target, Publix and More


If you’re planning on getting a flu shot soon, it’s a good idea to check your local pharmacy to see if you can get a deal.

In this article, I’m going to show you which major grocery and pharmacy chains are offering flu shot deals that as of August 2020.

If you can’t get a free flu shot through your employer, local clinic or community organization, you can try these chains for some no-cost or low-cost options.

Listed below are some of the best flu shot deals I’ve found by researching online and by calling the companies.

While not of all the retailers listed in this article have updated their flu shot webpages, I have confirmed independently that flu shots are available at all the chains listed below as of this writing.

Many of the following places take walk-ins. Note that you may have to fill out a vaccine consent form. Some of the chains make those available on their websites so you can fill out the form before you arrive.

These Stores Have the Best Flu Shot Deals


Albertsons free flu shots

Pharmacies inside Albertsons grocery stores offer free flu shots if you’re covered by most health insurance plans. So there is no co-payment unless your plan requires it. Without insurance, the fee will vary based on your location and age, a pharmacist confirmed to me.

When you get a flu shot at Albertsons, you can also get 10% off your next grocery purchase. The pharmacist told me that deal is good as long as you have health insurance — except for insurance provided by the government.

Albertsons operates pharmacies in several other branded stores, which means the flu shot deal and coupon offer are also available at the following retailers:



Costco pharmacies offer flu shots, even if you don’t have health insurance, for $19.99, has confirmed.

In addition to the ultra-low price, you don’t have to be a Costco member to get a flu shot. See what else you can get there without a membership.


CVS flu shot offer

CVS advertises a “no-cost” flu shot with most insurance policies at many of its locations, but there may be a co-pay depending on your plan. Click here to see if there’s a CVS near you offering flu shots.

Through October 31, 2020, if you get a flu shot, you’ll also get a coupon for $5 off a $20 purchase.

Giant Food

Flu shot offer at Giant Food

Giant Food is offering customers $10 off a $50 grocery purchase when they get a flu shot at one of the supermarket’s pharmacies. This offer is valid through October 8, 2020.

The chain also announced recently that it is offering drive-up flu vaccinations at select Giant pharmacies for a limited time. See store locations here.


Kroger flu shots


Similar to several locations on our list, customers can get flu shots at Kroger without making an appointment.

And there’s a bonus if you have a Kroger Plus card. Here’s what it says on the grocer’s website: “Prescriptions paid for, in whole or in part, by a federal healthcare program such as Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare, will receive Pharmacy Fuel Points based on out-of-pocket spend (i.e. $1 copay = 1 Fuel Point).”

Most commercial insurance plans are also eligible to earn Pharmacy Fuel Points along with their flu shots, a Kroger pharmacist confirmed.


Publix flu shot offer

The deal you can get at Publix pharmacies may not be the shot itself but the coupon that comes along with it. If you get your shot there, you’ll also get a $10 gift card that you can use immediately in the store. On the grocery chain’s website, it says the deal is “available now for a limited time. Just stop by anytime we’re open. No appointment necessary.”

Please note that prices for the flu shots themselves vary by location. And health insurance is required to get the $10 gift card deal, a Publix pharmacist confirmed to me.


$5 off coupon at Target

Target is another place where you can get a free flu shot in many cases. Eligible patients may be able to avoid a co-payment as well, depending on their insurance.

CVS Health operates Target’s pharmacies, so you can earn CVS credits when you get your flu shot. That can help you “get a free $5 coupon when you earn 10 credits,” the store says.


free flu shots at Walgreens


Walgreens is offering a coupon good for $5 off your next $15 purchase when you get a flu shot there. This offer is good through September 12, 2020 (not valid in Arkansas, New Jersey or New York).

The pharmacy chain recommends that you call a location in your area to find out the flu vaccine’s availability and price.

Final Thought

The availability of flu shots may vary depending on the pharmacy, so it’s a good idea to call ahead or make an appointment online to avoid long waits.

If you want to know more about saving on your prescriptions, check out Team Clark’s favorite tips.

Know of any other pharmacies that offer deals or coupons? Let us know in the comments.

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