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Somebody’s got to pay for those salaries the major league baseball players get, right? That’s you, sitting in the seats. But you want a deal on them. A lot of people go to scalpers. A lot of people will show up at a stadium without any tickets and they’ll buy them from somebody on a corner. Be careful.

One thing you need to know, sometimes the scalper will say “yeah, the seats are right behind home plate.” You pay big money for them and then — you’re sitting up here with great view maybe of a skyline, not of home plate. So I want you to be very, very careful when you buy tickets. One of my favorite sources for tickets to any event:

Also many professional teams offer their own ticket reselling sites. But one thing about Craigslist. Be careful buying sports tickets or concert tickets on Craigslist. Often what you’ll receive will be counterfeits, with no way of ever getting your money back and you don’t even get to go to the game. You don’t get to go to the concert with those fake tickets. I’m Clark Howard.

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