How to Squeeze Every Single Last Drop From Household Products


Do you get frustrated by household goods that don’t last as long as they should? Well then, you’re in luck as these five handy tips will help you keep your hard earned dollars securely in your wallet.

Tips to Make Household Products Last Longer

Lotion Bottles

Sure, you already know to turn a toiletry bottle upside down once it’s almost empty, but did you know that if you cut it open that you’ll be rewarded with enough product to likely last another couple of weeks? This particular lotion bottle felt empty, but taking a pair of scissors to it gave me access to at least 20 more applications.

Cut open bottle


This tube of toothpaste looks ready for the trash, right? Wrong!


Cut open a supposedly empty toothpaste tube and you’ll discover another weeks’ worth of product. Just pinch the top closed between uses to avoid drying out your toothpaste.


Laundry Detergent

If you buy powdered detergent, you’re already aware that the provided scoop is way too big. (Because yes, the manufacturer would be more than happy for you to accidentally use their product up sooner.) Sure, there are faint lines along the side of the scoop to specify the amount of soap to use, but most of us still mindlessly fill it to the top. Instead you should remove the honkin’ huge scoop and replace it with the tiny scoop from your Oxyclean detergent. Mildly dirty laundry? Use one scoop. Worked in the garden all day? Use two!

Bam, you just cut your laundry detergent bill in half!

Tiny scoop


Kitchen Sponge

If you’re like me and use sponges to wash dishes, then this kitchen hack will literally cut your sponge budget in half, because it turns out that half a sponge cleans your dishes just as well as a entire sponge! As I say to my family:

“What am I, a Rockefeller?”

Cut sponge

Faded Jeans

Have you noticed that your groovy dark rinse jeans fade before they wear out? Then you need to pick up a box of Rit denim blue dye. This one blogger was able to rejuvenate six pairs of her faded jeans with a single box of dye!

Not a bad investment considering Amazon sells it for around $5!

Rit denim dye


Whether your goal is to squeeze every single drop from your toiletries or you’re working to make your purchases last twice as long, you’d be smart to work these tips into your daily routine.

After all, you’re not a Rockefeller!

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