Not having a will can affect your kids when you die

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Listen to this. You got kids? Roughly half of people with young children don’t have a will. So let me tell you what happens. If the thing that we don’t want to think about does occur, and we were to pass away and our kids are minor children: Your state decides who raises your kids. Think about that. You don’t want that.

YOU want to decide who is going to raise your kids. If you are married and you don’t have a will, the state decides who gets what out of the money you have.

So it could be that your spouse, depending on your state rules, gets very little of your money to live on to move forward.

So you get where I am going, right? You need to do a will. If your life is not very complicated and you’re pretty good on a computer, this is the most popular way to do a will. It’s a program called Willmaker. It’s about $50 and you can learn about it at A great way for you to get that will done, that you should’ve done long ago. I’m Clark Howard.

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