Make Money Origami to Personalize Cash Gifts

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When holidays and other celebrations like weddings and graduations roll around, there’s always a question of what to get your loved ones. Money expert Clark Howard says the answer is simple: Cash!

Personalize Cash Gifts With Money Origami

Money is the most useful and versatile gift that you can give — and no one has to deal with receipts or returns. If you feel like giving money is too impersonal or crass, we have a way to jazz it up!

Making money origami puts a thoughtful spin on a simple, useful gift that your loved one will definitely appreciate. This extra effort eliminates the feeling of tackiness and gives it a personal touch that shows you put a little extra thought into your gift.

A Clark newsletter subscriber, Richard, recently shared his wife’s creative money origami project:

My wife, Joyce, gives gifts of money to our grandchildren! She didn’t want it to be just money so she made a “shirt” with different amounts of money. It has a collar, pocket, bow tie — it looks like a real shirt! Our teenage son loved it.

Here is the final result:

Money origami shirt example from Richard and Joyce

If you’re inspired by the idea of money origami, watch the video for step-by-step instructions and see Clark give it a shot! Share your money origami ideas in the comments below!

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