The new focus for America’s largest grocery store chain

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Kroger, America’s largest grocery store chain, is looking to its customers’ habits to help shape how the company can best serve shoppers.

How Kroger plans to improve its customer experience

The company announced in its Q1 results webcast today its plans for the future and the focus on putting customers first.

The chain is adapting to its customers’ specific tastes by offering them the MyMagazine tool. By signing up with your Kroger Card or Alternate ID, Kroger can track the purchases you make through your member number.

If you already use a Kroger number, Kroger provides you with paper coupons when you check out in the store. MyMagazine helps you save even more by bringing additional personalized coupons to your account.

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The company also said it wants to continue to put customers first by providing more options. It is currently testing  a prepared and portioned meal program to rival Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and Publix’s recently piloted prepared meal bag.

Kroger also plans to improve the lives of its employees by raising starting wages and adding available hours.

These improvements come as discount grocers Aldi and Lidl are adding stores in the United States.

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In his opening statement this morning, Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen said, “The best thing we can do is to stay on offense by continuing to focus on our customers ‘ what they want and need today and what we anticipate they will want and need tomorrow.”

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