Looking for a job? Here are the top workplaces in America in 2019

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For many of us, our place of employment is a home away from home for a number of reasons. The top-rated workplaces in America all ascribe to the same objective: Keeping employees happy.

Jobs site Indeed.com recently released its list of the nation’s top workplaces. The list is comprised of a diverse spectrum of employers.

These workplaces get the most love from their employees

Many of the top companies on the list are tech giants. Adobe is #1 and Facebook makes the top five. But Southwest Airlines is there, too. In fact, two other airlines are on the broader list.

To come up with the rankings, Indeed.com analyzed more than 150 million employer ratings and reviews along with those from the Fortune 500 list.

Here are the top workplaces, according to Indeed.com. Click on the links to be taken to each respective company’s careers page:

Top 10 workplaces in United States

Rank Company Headquarters
1 Adobe San Jose, California
2 Facebook Menlo Park, California
3 Southwest Airlines Dallas, Texas
4 Live Nation Beverly Hills, California
5 Intuit Mountain View, California
6 Costco Issaquah, Washington
7 Delta Air Lines Atlanta, Georgia
8 eBay San Jose, California
9 Microsoft Redmond, Washington
10 Johnson & Johnson New Brunswick, New Jersey

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