17 things you should always buy at the dollar store

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Whether you’re planning a party, stocking up on cleaning supplies or just picking up some snacks or household goods — shopping at the dollar store can save you some serious cash!

What exactly is a dollar store?

There are three main stores that are commonly referred to as the ‘dollar store.’ They all sell super discounted items, but there are subtle differences between each of these retailers.

  • Dollar Tree: Pretty much every single item costs $1 or less.
  • Family Dollar: Cost of items range from less than $1 to $10.
  • Dollar General: This is the biggest ‘dollar store’ in the U.S.. Most items cost less than $10, but there are still plenty of things you can get there for $1 or less.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you may want to shop around at all three stores — because if you can’t find something for $1, less than $10 is still a pretty good deal!

For the list below, we compiled items from Dollar Tree that cost only $1 each. Some items require you to buy a package (with each single item costing $1 each) online, but many things are sold individually in store. And while the list is based on Dollar Tree pricing, you can find very similar products for super cheap (less than $10) at the other dollar stores as well.

So whether you’re looking for party decorations and supplies, household items or inexpensive gift ideas, here’s a list of items you should consider buying at the dollar store to keep costs down!

17 things to buy at the dollar store

1. Cards

Buying greeting cards at the dollar store is a no-brainer any time of year! Why pay $3 or $4 at a drugstore or other retail store when you can get cards for only $1 each?

And when you’re looking for holiday cards, go ahead and stock up on other cards as well. That way you won’t get stuck paying for an over-priced card at the last minute down the road.

2. Socks

things to always buy at dollar storethings to always buy at dollar store

You can get great quality socks at the dollar store! Whether you’re buying for yourself or anyone else in the family, the dollar store actually offers a variety of socks that come in all different colors, patterns and sizes for both adults and kids. You can even order them online from Dollar Tree.

3. Cups, napkins, tablecloths

Any time you throw a party, the dollar store should be your go-to for supplies! You can get cups, plates, napkins, tablecloths and pretty much everything else you need — all for only $1!


4. Vases & centerpieces

Vases are a great buy at the dollar store. There are tons of options of glass vases, as well as mason jars that you can fill with flowers or other items to be used as a holiday centerpiece.

5. Decorations

things to always buy at dollar storethings to always buy at dollar store

Whether it’s a specific holiday or simple seasonal decorations, the dollar store has tons of options including drinking glasses, wall decorations, candles, table runners, placemats and more!

6. Gift wrapping

things to always buy at dollar storethings to always buy at dollar store

Any time you need wrapping supplies, the dollar store is your best bet! You can get a variety of tissue paper, wrapping paper, gift tags, gift bags, boxes, bows and more for just $1.

7. Tableware

things to always buy at dollar store

If you’re trying to stick to a budget, there’s a ton of different tableware items available at the dollar store!

Dollar Tree has gold-rimmed plates, wine glasses, mugs, bowls and even more options to help you fancy up your dinner table. You can order these online for about $12 a case, and if you don’t need that many, consider splitting the price with a friend who’s looking for the same items!

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8. Kitchen supplies

things to always buy at dollar storethings to always buy at dollar storethings to always buy at dollar store


Whether you’re cooking for a group or just for yourself, you can get all kinds of pans, mixing bowls, storage containers and other kitchen supplies at the dollar store.

9. Picture frames

Want to frame a few photos without spending a fortune? Grab a few frames at the dollar store! You can get a variety of sizes, colors and even collage frames for $1 each.

10. Towels

The dollar store offers a variety of hand towels and washcloths. So if you want to give your bathroom or kitchen a quick makeover, just grab some hand towels for a buck each! And there are several colors to choose from.

11. Stockings & Santa hats

things to always buy at dollar storethings to always buy at dollar store

When the holiday season rolls around, buying these items at the dollar store is an easy way to keep costs down!

12. Goodies & small gifts

things to always buy at dollar storethings to always buy at dollar storethings to always buy at dollar store

If you’re looking for goodie bag items or small extra gifts, the dollar store is a great place to get a variety of items — including candy, card games, toys, health and beauty items and more! Whatever you like to give, there are plenty of options at the dollar store.

13. Ornaments & Christmas tree decorations

things to always buy at dollar store

If you need some extra Christmas tree decorations, the dollar store has a variety of ornaments! Plus, you can grab a couple of $1 boxes of candy canes to hang on the tree, too!

14. Storage containers

You can get all kinds of storage items at the dollar store — from food storage containers to organizational baskets and bins.


15. Other winter apparel

things to always buy at dollar store

In addition to socks, the dollar store also has a variety of knit hats, including solid colors and winter patterns. And while they may not last you forever, a $1 knit hat is a pretty good deal!

16. Party supplies

things to always buy at dollar storethings to always buy at dollar store—¹16 ways the dollar store can save you big bucks this holiday season

Whatever type of party you’re having, the dollar store has plenty of supplies to help you decorate and celebrate — including balloons, glow sticks, noise makers, party hats, champagne flutes and plenty of other supplies that are great for any type of party.

17. Cleaning supplies

The dollar store has tons of cleaning supplies, from bathroom and tile cleaners to everyday household cleaning products.

If you’re skeptical about cleaning products that only cost $1, here’s proof that they actually work great!

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