How I Saved Over $1,100 Last Year by Deal Hunting

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I love finding great deals. Deal hunting is kind of like a treasure hunt! It’s so fun to find something you really need, like, or enjoy at a big discount. I am one of those people who saves sale tags and receipts like a trophy.

7 Ways Deals Saved Me $1,100 Last Year

I added up the savings from receipts I had kept from last year and discovered I saved $1,135.44! Here were some of my favorite finds:

1. Macy’s Dresses

Macy’s had some awesome “Last Chance” formal dresses on sale and I spent around $37 per dress. This would have been $407.50 at full price!

2. Food

Taking advantage of coupons, sales and freebies essentially saved me $266 at grocery stores and restaurants.

3. A Penny Item at Nordstrom Rack

An item cost one penny at Nordstrom Rack

This surprise deal rang up for $.01 at checkout. It was the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday!

4. Birthday Savings

On my birthday alone, I took advantage of freebies to save $39! This included deals at Panera, Moe’s, Starbucks and Jersey Mike’s, to name a few, in addition to a local Italian restaurant that gives you a free meal on your birthday with proof of ID.

5. Free Cards at Hallmark

A pile of five free Hallmark greeting cards

Hallmark’s Free Card Fridays happen at various times during the year and it is an awesome way to show people you care. I stocked up on as many Free Card Fridays as possible and saved $18!

6. Cell Phone Service

I switched to Verizon-owned Visible and got a $100 gift card! Because we’re on Party Pay, I pay $25 a month for unlimited talk, text and data with no fees.


7. The Target RedCard

Last year, I signed up for the debit Target RedCard, which is one of the only store cards Clark actually likes! As a bonus Target was offering for new cardholders, I received a coupon for $50 off a $100 purchase. Additionally, the Target RedCard saves users 5% on purchases in stores and online.

The other $250 or so in savings came from getting free items at Big Lots, clipping coupons and finding other great deals along the way!

3 Ways to Find Great Deals

These are just a few of the deals I found last year, but there are several ways to save money on things you need or want to buy.

Anyone who loves bargain hunting will tell you that getting a great deal requires patience and a knowledge of when and where to find the best bargains. Here are some ways to save!

1. Shop During Sales

Typically, end-of-season sales are great times to check for clearance merchandise at a deep discount. The older it is, the more discounted it will usually be. Keep in mind, though, that often as the price decreases, the available selection does as well.

As expected, we see a huge uptick in the volume of deals leading up to Black Friday. Not only is Black Friday a good time to get a discount but the sales retailers offer before Black Friday are great opportunities to save, too.

2. Comparison Shop

At ClarkDeals, we always comparison shop to make sure that what we find is truly a great deal. We typically use Google Shopping to research prices, along with sites like CamelCamelCamel. This is especially important for electronics items like laptops and smart home devices!

You’ll want to be careful when using Google Shopping. There are hundreds of fake sellers that show up in the listings alongside reputable retailers. Buyer beware!

3. Follow Daily Deals

Many stores have a section on their website for daily deals. We check these every day, but the deals listed are not always the best price! However, it can be a great way to find a bargain, especially if you are not in a hurry and willing to wait for the right time to pounce on a purchase.


Final Thought: Stay Within Budget to Avoid Overspending

It might look as though I had to spend a lot of money to save so much. I spent a total of $660.03 ($13 per week) on the above deals, which is much less than I saved! And, the items I purchased were necessities, important to me or made great gifts for friends and family.

Still, it’s easy for shopping to get out of hand. Clark recommends staying within budget and only buying things you really need or want. There should be a category for clothing, shopping and/or fun in your budget. We always encourage responsible spending.

To do this, use cash or a budgeting app like Mint — and always keep your receipts in case you need to return something.

Deal hunting can be a fun and rewarding pursuit when you see how much money you can save. See the best deals of the day at!

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