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Have you heard about Scott’s Cheap Flights? If you haven’t and you love to travel, you are missing out!

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Email subscription saves the average subscriber $607 per booking

Clark loves to travel — and he loves to travel on the cheap!

In fact, one of his best tips on travel may seem a little backward to some — but it will definitely save you a lot of money — especially when you have access to travel alerts like Scott’s Cheap Flights.

“When it comes to shopping for airfare, there’s no shortage of sites to search, but finding a great deal on travel isn’t always easy,” says Clark.

So when he heard about Scott’s Cheap Flights, he was excited to save the least — cheap flight deals delivered to your inbox, all the time!

Owner Scott Keyes told Clark on a Skype interview, “I get a real thrill out of finding a great deal out there.”

But he admits, it isn’t necessarily easy work. “It’s a lot of manual searching all day, every day,” he says.

Scott does not operate on commissions, but he does offer a premium subscription to his subscribers with more fare alerts than free subscribers receive. This means that his goal is sending the very best deals he can find — not promoting the deals that pay him the most in commissions.

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Here are some recent fares Scott sent to his email subscribers:

  • $330 roundtrip fares to Hawaii (regularly $700 and up)
  • $335 roundtrip fares to Thailand (regularly $850 or more)
  • $400s/$500s roundtrip fares to Beijing from 21 U.S. cities (regularly $750 or more)
  • NYC to Paris for $260 roundtrip (regularly $900 or more)

As you can see, these fares are significantly less than you might expect to pay for a regularly-priced flight.

Clark buys Scott’s Cheap Flight deal for 20 people

Several months back, Scott sent out a great deal to Melbourne, Australia, for $568 round-trip from Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City and Seattle.

Clark saw it and bought it — for his family and 20 other people — his staff! To say we have a generous and amazing boss is a serious understatement. It was the experience of a lifetime!

If you want to subscribe to Scott’s free travel alerts, click here! To find more information about Scott’s premium subscription, click here.

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