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4 Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards Right Now - The best travel rewards credit cards! Compare the latest sign-up bonus offers to start earning free flights, hotel stays and more.

See our Coronavirus Pandemic & Travel Refunds page for details on how you can cancel or change upcoming flights or flights canceled due to the reduction of flight service.

The US State Department raised the worldwide travel advisory to Level 4 — meaning US citizens should avoid all international travel. In countries where commercial departure options remain available, U.S. citizens who live in the United States should arrange for an immediate return to the United States, unless they are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period.

The CDC offers a handy guide of things to consider before you travel within the United States. The government organization also offers a comprehensive Q & A travel section with common issues such as “Should I cancel my trip?” and “Should I go on a cruise?”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has suspended all public access enrollment centers nationwide. The move effectively suspends all new enrollments or renewals in trusted traveler programs, including Global Entry as well as other trusted traveler programs like SENTRI, NEXUS, and FAST.  NEWS! Beginning August 10, conditionally approved applicants for Global Entry applicants will be able to complete in-person interviews, scheduled in advance, at Trusted Traveler Program enrollment centers. This delay also affects registration for other trusted traveler programs like NEXUS and SENTRI.

NEW! Where can U.S. travelers go now? Currently, there are 36 countries with no entry restrictions (a country may have other travel advisories in place upon arrival) whereas 103 remain completely closed to tourists. Kayak updates the worldwide picture each day with a color-coded global snapshot and/or details for each nation or island.

Europe is now open for travelers from select countries. Here’s a Country-By-Country Timetable Guide from Forbes.

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association has debuted a tracker with daily updates for each island nation from A (Anguilla) to V (Virgin Islands, both U.S. and British). Get info on whether airports and cruise ports are open, if restaurants are allowed sit-down service and more.

As schools, businesses, and community organizations begin providing services, the CDC has released new travel guidelines to protect yourself when using public transit, rideshares, taxis, micro-mobility devices, and personal vehicles.

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Flight Deals

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Today’s HOT Domestic & International Deals from Atlanta:

Los Angeles $76 round-trip, or $38 each way

  • Travel dates: Sept 9-Nov 26; Jan 7-Feb 9 west and east
  • Airlines: American, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $600+
  • Find cheap hotels in LAX: HotwirePriceline

Denver $128 round-trip, or $64 each way

  • Travel dates: July 29-Nov 24; Dec 2-16 west; Aug 4-Nov 18; Dec 1-16 east
  • Airlines: United, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $500+
  • Find cheap hotels in DEN: HotwirePriceline

Thanksgiving! American Airlines Sale! from $170-$244 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Aug 4-Dec 12
  • Destinations at $170-$218 Rapid City, Reno-Tahoe, Santa Fe or Traverse City
  • Destinations at $200 Boise, Fresno, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Spokane, Tucson
  • Destinations at $244 San Diego
  • Airlines: American, one connection
  • Typical fare: $600+
  • Find cheap hotels in PSP: HotwirePriceline

Thanksgiving! Vancouver BC $217 round-trip (one-way permitted)

  • Travel dates: Sept 5-Dec 11; Jan 6-Feb 10
  • Airlines: WestJet, one connection
  • Typical fare: $600+
  • Find cheap hotels in YVR: HotwirePriceline

San Juan PR $277-$317 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Aug 25-Nov 13; Dec 3-14; Jan 12-Feb 28
  • Airlines: Delta, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $600+
  • Find cheap hotels in SJU: HotwirePriceline

Thanksgiving! Cancun $396-$416 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Sept 1-April 13
  • Airlines: Delta, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $600+
  • Find cheap hotels in CUN: HotwirePriceline

Maui, Oahu or Kona, Hawaii $533-$605 round-trip (one-way permitted)

  • Travel dates: Sept 1-Dec 17
  • Airlines: United, one connection
  • Typical fare: $900+
  • Find cheap hotels in KOA: HotwirePriceline

Tokyo $593-$620 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Sept 13-Dec 14; Dec 31-March 1
  • Airlines: Air Canada, one connection
  • Typical fare: $1,200+
  • Find cheap hotels in TYO: HotwirePriceline


Today’s HOT Domestic & International Deals from various U.S. gateways:

Thanksgiving! Chicago – San Diego $76 round-trip (one-way permitted)

  • Travel dates: Aug 2-Dec 24; Jan 5-Feb 2
  • Airlines: United, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $600+
  • Find cheap hotels in SAN: HotwirePriceline

Thanksgiving through New Year! Los Angeles – Orlando $137 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Oct 15-Feb 2
  • Airlines: United, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $500+
  • Find cheap hotels in MCO: HotwirePriceline

Miami – Vancouver BC $170 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Aug 6-Nov 19; Dec 2-10; Jan 6-March 3
  • Airlines: American, one connection
  • Typical fare: $600+
  • Find cheap hotels in YVR: HotwirePriceline

Thanksgiving through New Year! Miami – Cancun $170 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Aug 9-March 3
  • Airlines: American, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $600+
  • Find cheap hotels in CUN: HotwirePriceline

Thanksgiving! Miami – Santo Domingo DR $204-$250 round-trip
Thanksgiving & Christmas! Miami – Punta Cana DR
$208-$230 round-trip
Miami – St. Kitts & Nevis
$224 round-trip

  • SDQ travel dates: Aug 1-Dec 14
  • PUJ travel dates: Aug 3-Feb 6
  • SKB travel dates: Oct 8-Nov 12
  • Airlines: American, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $500+
  • Find cheap hotels in SKB: HotwirePriceline

Thanksgiving through New Year! Chicago – Anchorage $219 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Sept 9-29
  • Airlines: American or United, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $600+
  • Find cheap hotels in ANC: HotwirePriceline

Grenada $246-$286 round-trip
St. Vincent-Grenadines
$332-$372 round-trip

  • Valid from Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles
  • Travel dates: Aug 10-Nov 14
  • Airlines: American, one connection
  • Typical fare: $1,200+
  • Find cheap hotels in GND: HotwirePriceline

Thanksgiving! Miami – Barcelona $254 round-trip
Miami – Paris $282 round-trip

  • BCN travel dates: Nov 11-17; Jan 11-May 24
  • PAR travel dates: Oct 6-Nov 23; Jan 117-May 24
  • Airlines: TAP Portugal, one connection (Lisbon stopover permitted)
  • Typical fare: $900+
  • Find cheap hotels in BCN: HotwirePriceline

Thanksgiving to Summer! Boston – Ponta Delgada, Azores $329 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Aug 1-Dec 10; Jan 9-June 2
  • Airlines: TAP Portugal, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $900+
  • Find cheap hotels in PDL: HotwirePriceline

Thanksgiving! Los Angeles – Hong Kong $390-$416 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Aug 23-Dec 9; Jan 7-May 23
  • Travel dates $378 March 10-May 20
  • Airlines: Air Canada, one connection
  • Typical fare: $600+
  • Find cheap hotels in HKG: HotwirePriceline

New York – Reykjavik, Iceland $370 round-trips 

  • Travel dates: Oct 6-Nov 17; Dec 1, 8; Jan 5-April 20
  • Airlines: Icelandair, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $900+
  • Find cheap hotels in REK: HotwirePriceline

Thanksgiving & Spring 2021! DC – Zurich $425 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Sept 25-Dec 8; Jan 9-May 30
  • Airlines: TAP Portugal, one connection (free Lisbon stopover)
  • Typical fare: $1,200+
  • Find cheap hotels in ZRH: HotwirePriceline

Thanksgiving! Los Angeles – Bangkok $490 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Sept 29-Dec 16; Jan 8-April 14
  • Airlines: American/JAL, one connection
  • Typical fare: $1,200+
  • Find cheap hotels in BKK: HotwirePriceline

Los Angeles – Athens $537 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Jan 13-May 27
  • Airlines: Qatar, one connection
  • Typical fare: $1,200+
  • Find cheap hotels in ATH: HotwirePriceline

Philadelphia – Tokyo $367-$385
Charlotte – Tokyo
Portland – Tokyo $470 round-trip
Seattle – Tokyo
$477 round-trip
New York – Tokyo
$505 round-trip

  • PHL travel dates: Aug 18-Dec 2; Dec 28-May 6
  • CLT travel dates: Aug 18-Dec 2; Jan 4-May 5
  • SEA and PDX travel dates: Sept 8-Dec 3; Dec 27-31; Jan 10-Feb 22
  • NYC travel dates: Aug 2-Dec 7; Dec 24-Feb 22
  • Airlines: Air Canada, one connection
  • Typical fare: $1,200+
  • Find cheap hotels in TYO: HotwirePriceline

Caribbean & Latin/Central America

Miami – Aruba $190 round-trip
Miami – Port of Spain, Trinidad
$197 round-trip
Miami – San Juan PR $197 round-trip
Miami – Montego Bay $254 round-trip
Miami – Turks & Caicos
$255 round-trip
Miami – Grand Cayman $225-$245 round-trip
Miami – St. Thomas USVI $285 round-trip

  • AUA travel dates: Aug 3-Feb 3
  • POS travel dates: Aug 18-May 11
  • SJU travel dates: Aug 4-May 11
  • MBJ travel dates: Aug 3-Feb 6
  • PLS travel dates: Aug 1-Feb 6
  • GCM travel dates: Sept 9-May 22
  • STT travel dates: Aug 14-Nov 12; Dec 2-15; Jan 4-May 22
  • Airline: American, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $800+
  • Find cheap hotels in PLS: HotwirePriceline

4 Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards Right Now - The best travel rewards credit cards! Compare the latest sign-up bonus offers to start earning free flights, hotel stays and more.

How to Book the Cheapest Flights

Hotel and Package Deals

Travel News and Alerts

Can I Cancel My Flight, Cruise or Hotel?

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, most domestic and international airlines are currently offering no-fee changes with varying policies. In many cases, fare differences will apply when rebooking for future travel dates. Click on an airline link to check for updates. Additionally, cruise lines are starting to tweak cancellation policies.

Should you even travel domestically? Here’s Clark’s advice: “What I’ve been recommending to anyone with travel plans outside the United States is that you just have to keep watching this. You need to make your own decision now that rebooking policies have become more favorable from most travel suppliers,” Clark says. “And that means making your own decision in terms of your health and how you feel about traveling. Traveling is about fun and getting away from it all, but if you’re going to feel a wall of worry, don’t go right now.”

Now, here’s what the CDC has to say about domestic travel. Here’s current info from the U.S. State Department on domestic and international travel and cruising.

Current Advisory: The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to reconsider travel abroad due to the global impact of COVID-19. Many areas throughout the world are now experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks and taking action that may limit traveler mobility, including quarantines and border restrictions. Even countries, jurisdictions, or areas where cases have not been reported may restrict travel without notice.

Did you find a hot airfare? Book a new ticket (worldwide) through March 31 and most airlines will waive the rebooking fees and offer a one-time rebooking – regardless of the condition of the original booking fare purchased. You can rebook to a new travel date through December 31 without rebooking fees. Check with your airline to ensure this waiver is offered! offers a continually updated and comprehensive list of COVID-19 flight waivers and refund policies of all domestic and international airlines.

Alaska Airlines: Waivers apply on tickets purchased between February 27 and March 12 for travel dates through June 1. Tickets may be canceled or changed. Travelers who cancel will have their funds deposited into an Alaska account for use for future travel. For date changes, travel must occur before February 28, 2021.

American Airlines: Flight change fees are waived on any tickets purchased through April 30 as long as the changes are made no more than 14 days before your original travel itinerary would have begun. Travel must start by December 31 or within 1 year of date the ticket was issued, whichever is earlier.

Delta Air Lines: Waives all change fees for domestic and international travel departing through May, as well as all tickets purchased between March 1 and May 31. If your travel is eligible for a waiver, you can move your travel dates and even select a new destination. NEWS! Delta has extended the ability to plan, re-book and travel for up to two years. This applies to travel through May 31, 2022, for customers who:
Have upcoming travel in April or May that was booked on or before April 3.
Have existing eCredits or canceled travel from flights in March, April or May.
All applicable eCredits will be automatically extended to May 2022 so there’s no action needed on your part. Travelers who bought tickets between March 1 and May 31 can still change their flight without incurring a change fee, but will only be eligible to do so for a year from their purchase date.

Frontier:  For travel through April 30, Frontier will travelers to change or cancel flights without incurring a change fee. Visit with your confirmation number. If you are changing to a new flight a difference in fare may apply. If you already submitted a request to Frontier via their online form, you are now encouraged you to use this tool instead to complete your change(s) automatically.

JetBlue: Change/cancel fees are waived for customers traveling through May 31. You may rebook flights for travel through October 24, 2020.

Southwest: This traveler-friendly airline has always allowed unlimited changes and fee-free cancellations – even on non-refundable fares. Once canceled, the value of the ticket is banked into future flight credits or travel funds. Travel funds expiring by May 31 now have a new expiration date of June 30 and new travel funds created between March 1 and May 31 now have an updated expiration date of June 30, 2021. Be patient as these new expiration dates will take a few weeks to update within the Southwest database. NEWS! Southwest Airlines passengers with travel dates between March 1 and May 31 who cancel their reservations can request a credit for EarlyBird fees paid. It will be a voucher good for one year that can be used for a future flight. The voucher will be issued for all the EarlyBird fees paid on the same reservation so families and other groups get one voucher and not travel funds in each passengers’ names, as happens with airfare credit. To receive a voucher, travelers need to call Southwest reservations or customer relations or email the airline. Travelers with tickets for dates beyond May 31 will be subject to the no-refund policy unless Southwest extends the temporary policy, or the airline cancels their flight.

Spirit Airlines: Offers a one-time free modification by contacting Spirit Guest Care at 1-855-728-3555. Travelers also have the option to receive credit for the full value of a reservation which can be used for up to 6 months to book any flight currently available.

United Airlines: Change fees are waived for all tickets (basic economy and award travel) to all destinations booked on or before March 2. Change fees are waived when booking another flight within 12 months from the original ticket issue date.

Air France: If you have purchased a ticket for a flight departing before May 31, you have until September 30 to postpone your departure date without change fees. The new trip must begin no later than November 30. If you prefer to cancel a trip scheduled to depart on or before May 31, a non-refundable voucher will be issued and valid for one year on all Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines, and Virgin Atlantic flights.

British Airways: If you planned to travel between March 14 and May 31, you may cancel and receive a voucher for the same value. Vouchers are valid for 12 months and can be used to any destination.

KLM: The airline recommends making use of the self-service options to change your flight or request a travel voucher. You can do so on or before September 30, even if your original travel date has already passed.

Lufthansa: If you hold a ticket for a canceled or an existing Lufthansa flight, you can keep the ticket without having to commit to a new flight date right away. Existing bookings will initially be canceled, but the ticket and ticket value will remain unchanged and can be extended to a new departure date up to and including December 31. You can also rebook to another destination. The new flight must be booked by August 31.

Norwegian: The airline will scrap 4,000 flights (now through mid-June) and temporarily lay off around half its employees due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The waiver of rebooking fee applies on tickets booked up to and including May 31. The original journey (including the return flight date) must be completed byNovember 30 at the latest.?

Qantas: If you are due to travel on a Qantas flight before July 31 and wish to change your plans before April 30, you can get a flight credit and retain the full value of your booking. The flight credit is valid for booking and travel by? December 31, 2021. This gives you 18 months to plan, rebook your flights and travel. NEWS! All Qantas international flights from Australia will be suspended through at least May 31.

Cruise Line Policies

The trade group Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), whose members makeup about 90% of cruise capacity, said the 30-day suspension (through mid-April) applies to all of its members and all U.S. ports of call. View more about the measures and changes that are being taken with cruise line members of CLIA. NEWS! Canada has announced a ban on cruise ships until at least July 1, which equates to no cruises to Alaskan ports until then. Foreign-flagged cruise ships departing the United States must make a call on a foreign port before they return to the U.S. Without the ability to stop in Canada, it’s not clear how Alaskan cruises from Seattle can continue.

Carnival offers two cancellation options: 1.) a full refund or 2.) a 100% future cruise credit with the bonus of $300-$600 onboard credit. The second option is valid on bookings made by December 31 for sailings through December 31, 2022. The cruise line is canceling all cruises through May 11. Here are additional cancellations:
All Alaska sailings through and including June 30.
All San Francisco sailings through 2020.
All Carnival Radiance sailings through and including November 1.
All Carnival Legend sailings through and including October 30.

Celebrity permits cancellations for any reason on sailings departing through September 1. Cancel at any time up to 48 hours before your sailing to receive a Future Cruise Credit to apply on sailings through December 31, 2021.

Costa has canceled select sailings, yet provides no specific information on updated cancel policies. Costa suspends all sailings until the end of April.April 30.

Cunard Line offers two ways to cancel or change a cruise that was scheduled to sail before May 15. Earn a 125% Future Cruise Credit equal to 125% of the cruise fare paid, valid on any Cunard sailing through March 31, 2022, when booked by December 31, 2021. Or, take a 100% refund. Cunard has modified the final payment date for cruises sailing between July 1 and September 30 to be 60 days before sailing, and cancellation penalties do not apply until the new final payment date.

Disney Cruise Line has updated its cancellation policies. Terms vary based on the region of travel. Disney Cruise Line is suspending all new departures through April 28.

Holland America Line offers a full cancelation for any reason on cruises departing through July 31. Many variables apply.

MSC Cruises permits a future cruise credit if you choose to cancel and reschedule your cruise The credit will be given in the amount paid for your current cruise that is valid on any MSC cruise on or before December 31, 2021. You must cancel 48 hours or more in advance to qualify for the Cruise Assurance program. All cruises have been canceled through May 29.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers a full refund on any cruise sailing through September 30 (must be canceled up to 48 hours prior to embarkation). Guests who cancel will receive a 100% future cruise credit to be used for all sailings that embark through December 31, 2022.  The line will suspend all sailings across their fleet through May 10.

Princess Cruises has announced that it’s suspending operations of the Princess Cruises line of ships through May 10. Passengers can apply 100% of monies paid for their canceled cruise to a future cruise departing through May 1, 2022. If the future cruise credit option doesn’t work in your instance, complete an electronic form on to request a cash refund.

Royal Caribbean permits the cancellation of any cruise that sets sail through July 31. Cancel at least 48 hours before you set sail to receive a future cruise credit. The credit can be used toward any cruise that sets sail through December 31, 2021. NEWS! Royal Caribbean cruise brands have suspended their operations, leading to the cancellation of departures until September 1. The line’s fleet includes the brands of Celebrity Cruises, Azamara and Silversea Cruises.

Viking Cruises is temporarily suspending operations of river and ocean cruises sailing through June 30. Already booked? Change your cruise date up until 24 hours before departure without incurring a cancellation fee. Valid on reservations made by April 30.

Windstar will refund 100% of monies paid in the form of Future Cruise Credit to be used on another Windstar departure within one year of the issue date of the credit. A 15-day or more advance notice of cancellation is required. The Travel Assurance Booking Policy is effective immediately and automatically applies to new and existing cruises departing through December 31, 2021.


Hotel & Resort Policies

A majority of hotel chains are allowing guests to cancel reservations, yet some won’t give a credit card credit but use the amount paid to apply toward a future stay within a year. However, there are still a number of hotels and lodging booking sites that have no set coronavirus cancellation policies that could indicate that normal cancellations, fees, and refunds apply. But try phoning the property directly to pursue your cancellation and refund.

As with the every changing airline policies, so too will hotel brand policies. So give the situation more time, maybe a week or two, if you are faced with a no-refund policy and try again.

Airbnb: Hosts and guests impacted by the coronavirus outbreak will be able to cancel their homes reservation or Airbnb Experience without getting charged. For reservations in the United States, Airbnb’s Extenuating Circumstances policy applies to reservations booked on or before March 13 with a check-in date of April 1 or earlier.

Click on each of these travel sites for Q & A’s regarding refunds. All of these Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) are asking that travelers not traveling within seven days to refrain from direct calls. Instead, you are asked to make any changes online or in the case of private rentals to contact the owner.

Best Western: Each property is independently owned/operated and the brand suggests that each should “exercise flexibility and understanding when deciding cancellation requests.”

Choice Hotels: Prepaid and nonrefundable bookings made on and before March 10 for travel through April 30 can be canceled without penalty if made 48 hours before the arrival date. The refund will be in the form of Choice Privileges rewards points, which can be redeemed for a future hotel stay.

Hilton: All reservations – even those described as non-cancellable (“Advanced Purchase”) – that are scheduled for arrival on or before June 30 can be changed or canceled at no charge, up to 24 hours before your scheduled arrival day.

Hyatt: Guests canceling prepaid advance purchase, nonrefundable and non-changeable rates will receive 10,000 World of Hyatt rewards points (a value of about $170), which can be applied on a future hotel stay. Applicable only to reservations made by March 8 for arrivals through June 30. Guests can email [email protected]

Intercontinental Hotels/IHG: Intercontinental, the owner of brands like Holiday Inn, Kimpton, Candlewood Suites, and Crowne Plaza, is waiving cancellation fees on its hotels worldwide, for all stays scheduled for arrivals through  April 30.

Marriott: Guests can make full changes or cancellations to existing reservations free of charge between now and June 30. The revisions must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts: Cancel and change penalties are waived if the request is received 24 or more in advance. This applies for stays through May 31. For new or existing direct bookings with arrivals after May 31, all properties are required to accommodate non-cancellable rate reservation changes if the request is received at least 48 hours prior to arrival and the same number of room nights or more are booked for a future stay.

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