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Today’s HOT Domestic & International Deals:

New Nonstop Route from ATL! Denver $120 round-trip, or $60 each way

  • Travel dates: May 2-22; August 20-September 4
  • Airlines: Spirit, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $300+
  • Find cheap hotel deals in Denver: Hotwire | Priceline |

New Orleans $80 round-trip, or $40 each way

  • Travel dates: March 1-May 22; August 20-October 2 west
  • Travel dates: March 12-May 22; August 20-September 4 east
  • Airlines: Spirit, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $250+
  • Find cheap hotel deals in New Orleans: Hotels | Trivago | DealBase

North America

Fairbanks $540 round-trip, or $270 each way

  • Travel dates: July 25-December 12 west; April 2-December 10 east
  • Airline: Delta, one connection
  • Typical fare: $950+

Juneau $518 round-trip, or $259 each way

  • Summer! Travel dates: May 29-September 1 west; May 28-August 30 east
  • Airline: Delta, one connection
  • Typical fare: $950+


Vancouver BC $233 round-trip, or $105 west, $128 east

  • Travel dates: February 20-May 18; August 14-December 28 west
  • Travel dates: February 20-July 1; August 27-January 2 east
  • Airline: WestJet, one connection
  • Typical fare: $400+

Toronto, Ontario $248 round-trip, or $110 north, $138 south

  • Travel dates: February 27-April 30 north and south
  • Airline: Air Canada, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $500+


We’re working on it…

Mexico, Central & South America

Bogota, Columbia $495 round-trip

  • Travel dates: March 13-June 14
  • Airline: Delta, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $850+

Quito, Ecuador $540 round-trip

  • Travel dates: March 13-May 31; July 3-13
  • Airline: Delta, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $875+

Asia / India

Beijing, China $554 round-trip

  • Travel dates: February 26-March 31; April 27-29
  • Airline: Air Canada, one connection
  • Typical fare: $1,200+

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia $806 round-trip

  • Travel dates: April 1-May 13; September 3-November 19
  • Airline: Delta/SkyTeam, one connection
  • Typical fare: $1,200+

Singapore or Saigon-Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam $840 round-trip

  • Travel dates: Now through May 15 or September 12-December 5
  • Airline: Air France or KLM, one connection
  • Typical fare: $1,000+

Mumbai-Bombay $720 round-trip

  • Travel dates: August 27-December 8
  • Airline: SkyTeam (Air France,  Delta), one connection
  • Typical fare: $1,200+


St. Maarten $311 round-trip, or $129 south, $182 north

  • Travel dates: March 12-June 4; August 4-14 south; March 11-June 6; September 4-18; October 3-24 north
  • Airline: JetBlue, one connection
  • Typical fare: $750+
  • Rates are $222 round-trip from Ft. Lauderdale, or $79 south, $143 north
  • Travel dates: March 8-May 29 south; March 8-June 19 north

Nassau, Bahamas $317 round-trip, or $111 east, $206 west

  • Travel dates: February 26-May 11 east; February 26-October 23 west
  • Airline: JetBlue, one connection
  • Typical fare: $550+

Australia / Oceania

Denpasar, Bali $490 round-trip (from LAX)

  • Travel dates: March 3-May 16; September 3-December 3
  • Airline: Xiamen, nonstop
  • Typical fare: $1,100+

Fiji, Australia or New Zealand from $586 round-trip (from LAX or SFO)

  • Purchase by: March 15 at Fiji Airways
  • Travel dates: varies by destination
  • Airline: Fiji Airways
  • Typical fare: $1,700+


Nairobi, Kenya $814 round-trip

  • Travel dates: April 1-June 3 or September 2-December 9
  • Airline: Delta/KLM, one connection
  • Typical fare: $1,400+

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Time to Rendezvous

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Are your family members and close friends living across the country?

Kayak has introduced Rendezvous which lets you enter your two home cities to receive a list of inexpensive destinations (for both parties) where you can meet up to vacation together — along with round-trip airfare prices starting from the cheapest.

The idea was inspired by research that indicated that 28% of Americans have been in a long-distance relationship, and of that number, 53% have stayed together.

Give it a go here at Kayak.

Norwegian Air News

The low-fare carrier Norwegian will begin seasonal service four times a week through October from New York-JFK to Athens, Greece. Service will begin July 2 until October 26. Fares begin at $159.90 in economy and $669.90 in premium each way, including taxes.  Premium class includes a dedicated check-in counter, fast track security and wide recliner seats with more legroom.

But don’t forget about the extra fees that can add up – from extra bag costs, onboard meals, printing boarding pases and more.

After losing $170 million last year, Norwegian will be canceling eight different seasonal routes to the Carribean in March.

Fort-de-France – Cayenne 4 weekly
Fort-de-France – Ft. Lauderdale 4 weekly
Fort-de-France – Montreal 3 weekly
Fort-de-France – New York JFK 6 weekly
Pointe-a-Pitre – Cayenne 4 weekly
Pointe-a-Pitre – Ft. Lauderdale 3 weekly
Pointe-a-Pitre – Montreal 3 weekly
Pointe-a-Pitre – New York JFK 6 weekly

Norwegian will also reduce its Paris to New York services immediately, dropping its Newark route. The low-fare carrier will continue to operate a flight from New York’s JFK.

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