Google Fi Price Drops: Unlimited for As Low as $20 per Line

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Google Fi has recently announced price drops and added features to the three phone plans it offers. 

I checked out the details of Google Fi Flexible, Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus to see what’s new. 

In this article, I’ll explain the pricing changes and new features with each plan and discuss why you may consider switching to Google Fi.

Google Fi Plan Features and Pricing Changes

Google recently announced price changes and new features for Google Fi wireless plans. With the new changes, the Simply Unlimited plan is now available for as low as $20 per month with four or more lines. In addition to the price drops, Google Fi has slightly improved all three of the currently-available plans.

Here are the changes to each plan’s pricing and features as of April 2022. 

Google Fi Flexible

Pricing: No change
New Features: Free calls between the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Google Fi Flexible currently offers unlimited calls and texts beginning at $20 monthly plus taxes and fees. You can add data to this plan for $10 per GB and no charge after 6GB. Currently, Google Fi Flexible holds the title of Best Overall International Phone Plan on

Simply Unlimited


  • $50 per line for 1 line (previously $60) 
  • $40 per line for 2 lines (previously $45)
  • $25 per line for 3 lines (previously $30)
  • $20 per line for 4-6 lines (previously $30)

New Features: 

  • Data slows after 35GB (previously 22GB)
  • Free calls between the U.S., Canada and Mexico
  • 5GB of high-speed hotspot tethering per person (previously none)

Simply Unlimited includes unlimited data in the U.S., Canada and Mexico with slower speeds after 35GB. The plan now also includes a bit of mobile hotspot and free international calling to Canada and Mexico. If you have four lines of service, this plan becomes really affordable at only $20 per line per month. 


Unlimited Plus


  • $65 per line for 1 line (previously $70)
  • $55 per line for 2 lines (previously $60)
  • $45 per line for 3 lines (previously $50)
  • $40 per line for 4-6 lines (previously $45)

New Features: 

  • Data slows after 50GB (previously 22GB) 
  • Free calls between the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Unlimited Plus is Google Fi’s top-tier plan, and it includes all of the features of Simply Unlimited. However, it also includes a higher data cap (50GB), unlimited hotspot, 100GB of cloud storage with Google One, free international calling to more than 50 destinations, free roaming in 200+ destinations and free international texts.

Google Fi: The Best International Phone Plan

If you aren’t familiar with Google Fi, it’s an affordable cell phone service provider that operates on T-Mobile and UScellular networks. If your phone isn’t designed for Google Fi, you’ll likely have access only to T-Mobile’s network. However, that’s not a bad thing as long as you have T-Mobile service in your area; T-Mobile is currently ranked far above the competition when it comes to 5G performance and availability.

In addition to providing access to a reliable network in the U.S., Google Fi has excellent international features. In fact, Google Fi Flexible currently holds the title for the best international phone plan on

“Google Fi is great for somebody who routinely travels or spends lengthy amounts of time outside of the United States,” says money expert Clark Howard. “Basically, your service works outside the U.S. very similar to how it works in the U.S.”

One member of Team Clark switched to Google Fi in 2019 and hasn’t experienced any major issues in day-to-day use or while traveling abroad. Plus, she loves that the flexible pricing makes it possible to fully control your bill. Be sure to read her full review of Google Fi here before making the decision to switch. 

If you’re interested in comparing different service provider plans, check out our comprehensive guide to the best cell phone plans to help you make a more informed decision.

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