Use This Tool To See How Much Your Phone Is Actually Worth

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Are you in the market for a new smartphone? An online tool can help you determine whether trading in your phone is worth it.

This Tool Shows You How Much Your Cell Phone Is Worth’s Smartphone Depreciation Calculator shows you the value of many devices compared to their initial manufacturer purchase prices.

By looking up information about your phone in the database, you can also see:

  • Whether your phone was a good investment
  • How much value your phone has lost since you bought it
  • If you could have gotten a better value with another model

A recent SellCell report on cell phone depreciation indicates that iPhones, particularly the later models, hold the best value overall. (Keep in mind that might not be true for the specific model you own.) Meanwhile, when it comes to Android phones, Samsung tops the list, the report says.

Before I purchased my current phone, I used the depreciation tool to see the worth of my (ancient) iPhone 8 (256GB), which was in good condition at the time. It was just about time for a cell phone upgrade.

Because I’m an iPhone fan who loves buying Apple products for less, I upgraded to a pre-owned iPhone 13 that I found from Amazon Renewed. That move saved me several hundred dollars compared to a new model.

Here are the depreciation tool’s results for an iPhone 13 based on their various conditions:

Phone ModelMSRPTop PriceDepreciation — $ / %
iPhone 13 512GB$1099.00$398.06$700.94 / 63.8%
iPhone 13 256GB$899.00$373.00$526.00 / 58.5%
iPhone 13 128GB$799.00$338.00$461.00 / 57.7%
iPhone 13 Pro 512GB$1299.00$510.00$789.00 / 60.7%
iPhone 13 Pro 256GB$1099.00$454.00$645.00 / 58.7%
iPhone 13 Pro 128GB$999.00$422.06$576.94 / 57.8%
iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB$1399.00$606.00$793.00 / 56.7%
iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB$1199.00$571.00$628.00 / 52.4%
iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB$1099.00$536.00$563.00 / 51.2%

Final Thoughts

Before you get rid of your phone, use the Smartphone Depreciation Calculator to gauge whether you are getting a good deal.

Now that you know what your phone is worth, you can sell it if you’d like. In addition to, there are some other places to sell or trade in your phone. Read our guide on selling your phone.