We Use Red Pocket for Cell Phone Service. Are We Missing Benefits We’d Get With a Major Carrier?

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Does Red Pocket’s Cell Phone Service Have the Same Benefits As AT&T and T-Mobile?

Sona in Colorado asks: “We have our cell service through Red Pocket. I use the T-Mobile network, and my husband uses the AT&T network. Do we have the same benefits as other customers of T-Mobile and AT&T such as robocall prevention and free streaming services?

“Also, do we have the same vulnerabilities like having our SIMs hijacked?”

Clark’s Take on Whether Red Pocket Has the Same Features As AT&T and T-Mobile

Clark says: With plans starting as low as $10 a month, “Red Pocket is an incredibly affordable cell phone choice that most people have not heard of. It’s in our Cheap Cell Phone Guide on Clark.com.”

What makes Red Pocket Mobile different from other small cell phone carriers is that it runs on any of the large networks including T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon.

Red Pocket has the same vulnerabilities as the big carriers when it comes to SIM hijacking, sometimes called “SIM jacking” “or unauthorized SIM swapping.” That’s something that all wireless providers are trying to solve.

And as for features, Clark says you should expect some major differences between Red Pocket and the larger companies.

“Generally, when you’re one of the deep discounters, you don’t have some of the add-ons that you’re used to,” Clark says.

Does Red Pocket Offer Any Free Streaming Services?

There are cell phone providers that offer free streaming deals (depending on the plans you choose), but Red Pocket isn’t one of them. Here are some that are offering free streaming services as of December 2021:

Does Red Pocket Offer a Robocall Blocker?

Red Pocket doesn’t have a built-in robocall blocker either.

“For robocalls, there are a number of apps you can download now that will do that for you, depending on whether you’re on iPhone or Android,” Clark says.


Red Pocket’s website says, “Apps like Hiya for Android and iOS (iPhone) and TrueCaller (iOS only) are rated highly.”

Here are some other ways to stop robocalls.

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