How Much Is My Car Worth?

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Depending on how long you’ve had it and its condition, you may be thinking about replacing your current vehicle with a new or used one. You can do this by selling your car outright or trading it in.

In either case, one of the first things you’ll need to know is the answer to this question:

How Much Is My Car Worth?

Money expert Clark Howard says going through the car-selling process with both CarMax and Carvana are great ways to get a good sense of what your vehicle is worth.

“The reality is that those two players have changed the game so much that what I recommend is that you start by getting a price from both of them,” Clark says. “Once you have that, then you know how much additional money you would want to make selling it yourself [to determine whether] it’s worth the pain points of doing that.”

In this article, we’ve researched how to find out your car’s worth with some of the best car-selling websites and have laid out the steps so that you can follow along:

Of course, if you’re thinking about putting your car on the market, you’ll want to use the highest estimate you get on your vehicle’s worth. As you’re about to see, the estimated value can be all over the place.

Note: Many of these online car valuation sites act as referral services, so once you enter your information into the forms on the respective websites, you may get contacted by local dealers looking to purchase your vehicle.

How Much Is My Car Worth at CarMax?

To find out how much your vehicle is worth with CarMax, head online to

  • Fill out the form with your license plate number or VIN.
  • Select the state where your car is registered.
  • Add your ZIP Code.

Then you’ll have to fill out a questionnaire that asks you the mileage, whether your car has had hail or rust damage and other specific questions. After that, you’ll give them your email address and in seconds, Carmax will show you your car’s estimated value.

How much is my car worth at CarMax?

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CarMax valued my used car at $700.


Note: Edmunds’ True Market Value feature also uses CarMax’s vehicle appraisal tool, so if you go there, you’ll see CarMax’s valuation for your car.

How Much Is My Car Worth at Carvana?

Go to to fill in information about your vehicle including:

  • VIN or license plate #
  • Mileage
  • ZIP Code
  • Color
  • Whether you have a loan, lease or neither
  • Vehicle features
  • Whether it’s been in any accidents
  • Email

“It will give you an instant quote of what they’ll buy your vehicle for, for a seven-day window and that will be a pretty good indicator of what the average trade-in would be for your vehicle,” Clark says.

Carvana value tracker: How much is my car worth with Carvana?

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After completing all the questions, I was only offered $500 from Carvana for my car.

Want to learn more about the car-buying platform? Read our Carvana review.

What Is the Kelley Blue Book Value of My Car?

If you’re involved in an accident, your insurer may tell you what your car is worth based on their calculations. Find out your car’s value with Kelley Blue Book to double-check the insurance company’s valuation.

  • Go to’s “My Car’s Value” page and fill in your license plate # or VIN.
  • Although adding your email address is optional, you’ll need to do it to get an instant offer to see your car’s value.
  • Confirm the details about your car, including mileage and any damage.
  • Check your email for your instant offer.
What's the Kelley Blue Book value of my car?

Screenshot via Kelley Blue Book email

Kelley Blue Book valued my vehicle at $1,518. (We’re getting somewhere!)

Final Tip

Here’s a look at all three quotes for my 2013 Nissan Leaf:

Kelley Blue Book$1,518

As you’ve seen, the valuations you get for your vehicle can cover a wide range. It’s up to you to use the highest one to your advantage.

Along with using car-selling websites to appraise your vehicle, Clark says you should also go to a local dealer that sells the same brand as your used car. “They will make an offer to you,” he says, and then you can take the best offer overall.

Taking a little time to get multiple quotes, can make a big difference on your bottom line.