Report: Best Fuel-Efficient Cars

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With gas prices going up and down, fuel efficiency should be a determining factor when it comes to buying a new or used vehicle today.

 Only a relatively select few models pass muster on fuel efficiency.

Vehicle research site has a list of the most fuel-efficient cars based on gas mileage.

What Are the Most Fuel-Efficient Cars for Gas Mileage?

For our purposes, we have identified the most fuel-efficient midsize models across three vehicle types:

The iSeeCars list was compiled by analyzing more than 12 million vehicles and assigning them scores based on the cars’ reliability (33.3%), resale value (33.3%) and safety ratings (33.3%).

Here Are the Most Fuel-Efficient Midsize Cars

VehicleiSeeCars ScoreCombined Miles Per Gallon Max
Honda Accord9.1 / 1032
Toyota Camry9.0 / 1032
Nissan Altima8.3 / 1032
Hyundai Sonata8.1 / 1031
Kia K5NA31
Subaru Legacy8.4 / 1030
Chevrolet Malibu8.0 / 1030
Volkswagen Passat8.0 / 1028
Volkswagen ArteonNA28

Here Are the Most Fuel-Efficient Midsize Luxury Cars

VehiclesiSeeCars ScoreCombined Miles Per Gallon Max
Lexus ES 2509.3 / 1028
BMW 5 Series8.4 / 1028
Jaguar XF7.3 / 1028
Audi A68.4 / 1027
Cadillac CT5NA27
Lexus ES 3509.0 / 1026
Mercedes-Benz E-Class8.5 / 1026
Volvo S908.0 / 1026
Genesis G808.0 / 1026
Acura TLX8.4 / 1025

Here Are the Most Fuel-Efficient Midsize SUVs

VehicleiSeeCars ScoreCombined Miles Per Gallon Max
Hyundai Santa Fe8.5 / 1026
Kia Sorento7.7 / 1026
Jeep Wrangler9.1 / 1025
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited9.1 / 1025
Toyota Highlander9.0 / 1025
Chrevrolet Blazer8.5 / 1025
GMC Acadia8.3 / 1025
Ford Explorer8.2 / 1024
Nissan Pathfinder8.4 / 1023
Mazda CX-98.3 / 1023

iSeeCars also shows the cars that get the best gas mileage in different categories, such as hybrids and electric vehicles. Read the full report.

Clark says the absolute best time to buy a vehicle will be when car prices drop to the level they were pre-COVID.

New car prices are trending downward, but they’re still expensive. When it comes to prices for used cars, Clark says his car-buying advice is going back to normal.

“There was a time during COVID when I said it’s better to buy a new car instead of used, but now I’m back to saying the traditional advice: Used instead of new,” he says.


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