Buy a new car with no haggle pricing

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Buying a new car online and getting a guaranteed price is now easier thanks to the entry of a respected website into the marketplace. is rolling out its Price Promise service in select markets across the country. They’re now offering a no haggle experience at a low price. Other sites doing the same thing include  and

Then there are a couple of sites that are looking to make the process even easier by bringing cars to your home for a test drive. in the Pacific Northwest and in the Southeast are both doing this. So there are more and more options for hassle-free buying!

We bought a used car last year that we found on It was a real deal. But the dealership we bought it from was a nightmare experience. I will never set foot in there again.

Meanwhile, another relatively easy way to buy a car involves emailing the Internet department at a dealership and negotiating by email. Make sure you always ask for a quote that includes all the junk fees a dealer may have.

Some dealers are charging “packs,” which are like phony charges for documents. It may sound silly, but it can amount to $300 or more just for doing the paperwork. Not every dealer tries to do this, so that’s why it’s important to shop around.

In other car news, GM is offering a new deal for free maintenance on 2014 models. The offer is good for 2 years or 24,000 miles and you get your maintenance for nothing during that period.

Finally, car sales have remained very strong, which means now the auto industry is hiring. Shifts are being added at plants as older workers retire.

Many of the jobs are with parts suppliers. This can be a great opportunity for you to get a job that doesn’t necessarily require a lot of the education that other jobs with comparable pay do.