Report: Best and Worst Car Colors for Resale Value

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Is your car’s color primed to sell? An automotive report indicates that the color of your car can make a $5,000 difference in how much you sell it for.

Vehicle research site iSeeCars determined the average depreciation rate of used cars by looking at each model’s inflation-adjusted manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) and comparing it to the car’s list price. The report’s results were based on an analysis of more than 1.6 million used 2020 models sold between August 2022 to May 2023.

“Yellow cars continue to represent the greatest disparity between how many are produced and how many people want one,” iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer says in a news release. “While not many people want a yellow car, there are clearly more people who want one than exist, which is why yellow performs so well on the secondary market. The same can be said of orange and green, colors you don’t see often but are obviously in higher demand than supply.”

Which Colors Help and Hurt Your Car?

Here are the key findings from the report:

  • Overall, vehicles lose 22.5% of their value in the first three years you own them – except for yellow cars, which only lose 13.5% of their value – a $3,000 difference – over that time.
  • Along with yellow cars, beige, green and orange vehicles lose less than 20% of their value over the first three years.
  • The cars that lose the most value – more than $10,000 after three years – are gold, brown and black.

Ready to see which car colors are the most “valuable”?

Here Are the Best and Worst Car Colors for Resale Value

Rank/Color3-year % DepreciationDollar Difference from MSRPCompared to Overall Average
1. Yellow13.5%$6,5880.6x
2. Beige17.8%$8,4110.8x
3. Orange18.4%$7,0230.8x
4. Green19.2%$8,7190.9x
5. Red20.6%$8,5380.9x
6. White21.9%$9,6951x
7. Blue22%$9,2161x
8. Gray22.5%$9,4251x
9. Purple22.7%$8,8401x
10. Silver23.2%$9,2181x
11. Black23.9%$10,8671.1x
12. Brown24%$10,3051.1x
13. Gold25.9%$11,5461.2x
Overall Average22.5%$9,674--

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