The story behind Bob Ross’ signature hairstyle is about money

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If you haven’t heard the news, episodes of Bob Ross’ classic TV show ‘The Joy of Painting’ were officially added to the Netflix lineup as of June 1, under the name “Beauty Is Everywhere.”

The talented painter is known for his peaceful voice, his unusual way with words and his signature hairstyle. But did you know there was a financial reason behind Bob Ross’ hairdo?

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The secret to Bob Ross’ hair

In the book Happy Clouds, Happy Trees, authors Kristin G. Congdon, Doug Blandy, Danny Coeyman describe how Bob Ross’ hairstyle came about.

Though an investor couple, the Kowalskis’, had seen great potential for the painter, the first few years of their partnership together were financially challenging. During this season, Ross cut costs everywhere he could – including the upkeep of his hair.

“As a cost saving measure Ross had his hair permed so as to require fewer haircuts… as time passed, Ross came to hate his frizzy hairstyle, but maintained it out of necessity because it was how he was depicted on Bob Ross, Inc. products,” they said in the book.

Eventually, the Bob Ross brand became a multi-million dollar operation from creating and selling his own line of art supplies and books and facilitating a network of painting instructors trained in the “Bob Ross method.”

Sometimes difficult circumstances can be the very things that help entrepreneurs become successful. His hairstyle, as well as his talent and teaching style are what made Bob Ross an unforgettable American icon. 

If you want to watch episodes of “Beauty Is Everywhere,” check them out on Netflix!

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