I Want To Sell My Delta SkyMiles. Is That Possible? And How Much Are They Worth?

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Loyalty programs? Try not-so-loyal programs.

OK, that attempt at humor to describe the state of rewards programs in 2024 isn’t nearly as good as what money expert Clark Howard would create.

Still, corporations with rewards points are devaluing those points at a high rate. It’s an unfortunate trend that’s at least partially due to this long struggle to contain inflation.

Delta Air Lines has a reputation, in the airline industry at least, for high-quality service. And for valuing and rewarding customer loyalty.

So some people felt especially disappointed when Delta followed the trend and announced significant changes to its SkyMiles loyalty program in September. In the face of public pressure, Delta made changes to those changes.

That chaos has created some confusion, though. If you’re sitting on a ton of SkyMiles, how much are they worth? And can you sell them if you want to, to capture the value now before they could get devalued again in the future?

How Much Are Delta SkyMiles Worth Now? And Can I Sell Them?

How much are Delta SkyMiles worth after all the recent changes? And is there a good way to sell them?

That’s what a Clark Howard listener recently asked.

Asked Jeffrey in Georgia: “Is there a recommended way to sell Delta SkyMiles? I’ve accumulated about 750,000 miles. I don’t have any plans to use them for travel and was wondering the easiest way to cash them out.

“I have a friend who is interested in buying them from me, but we haven’t found what would be a fair amount. Any help is appreciated!”

The exact worth depends on the type of flight you book going forward. Delta has devalued the point redemption value of some types of flights more than others.

“Delta SkyPennies, as they’re now derisively referred because Delta has devalued their points so much, [are worth] about 7/10ths of a cent per mile,” Clark says.

“Private sale to a friend, I’d say a penny a mile would be a fair amount. The problem is depending on the travel, your friend may not even be able to get a penny of value per point. It’s gong to depend on the route and the class of service.”

According to Clark, Delta SkyMiles are worth more when you apply them to international premium economy seats. Or economy or front-of-the-plane seats on domestic flights.

But Clark has provided a real, current price range. If you value the 750,000 SkyMiles at one cent each, that’s $7,500. If instead, you value them at 7/10ths of a cent, that’s $5,250. Somewhere in that range is what Clark would consider fair value on a sale.

Selling Delta SkyMiles Breaks the Terms of Service

Speaking of selling Delta SkyMiles, you should be aware that doing so violates the terms of service. That’s true of all the frequent flier programs, Clark says.

That’s a personal choice. But if you are going to sell them to a friend, sign into your Delta account on your phone or computer. Sit with your friend or sit on a call with your friend. And have the friend tell you the travel they want you to book on their behalf.

“You book it,” Clark says. “And then somehow magically your friend gives you the penny a point.”

Final Thoughts

Be careful about selling Delta SkyMiles because that’s against the terms of service.

If you’re going to do so, right now you should value them between 7/10ths of a cent and one cent according to Clark.

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