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Xfinity StreamSaver: Is Comcast’s New Streaming TV Bundle Worth It?

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Are you looking for a way to save on your streaming TV bill? You’re not alone. Cord cutters are being asked to pay more than ever before as subscription prices continue to rise in 2024.

Comcast just announced a new bundle package called Xfinity StreamSaver that is designed to help customers save on their video streaming subscriptions.

You can gain discounted access to Netflix, Peacock and Apple TV+ by signing up.

But there is a major caveat to the savings: You must be an Xfinity internet or TV customer to subscribe.

In this article, I’ll go deeper into explaining what this package includes and whether or not it’s worth it.

What Is Xfinity StreamSaver and What Does It Include?

Image via Comcast Xfinity

Xfinity StreamSaver is a streaming TV bundle package from Comcast that is available beginning May 29, 2024.

For an additional $15 per month, new and existing Xfinity internet and TV customers can add access to three popular streaming services to their bill.

The subscriptions included in the bundle are:

  • Netflix Standard with ads
  • Peacock Premium
  • Apple TV+

Peacock, which is owned by NBCUniversal and previously was offered to Xfinity customers free of charge, recently announced that it will be raising prices on premium subscriptions.

Apple TV+ was previously one of the more affordable monthly subscriptions on the market, but Apple also raised pricing on that service in October.

And we all know that Netflix, which is the most popular video streaming service on the market, is always finding ways to increase revenue. The most recent tactics include cracking down on password sharing and charging for shared accounts.

Given these factors, a combination of all three services for just $15 per month sounds good on the surface. But is it worth it in the long haul?

Is Xfinity StreamSaver Worth It?

Let’s do some math on just how much this streaming bundle can save you.

Here are the monthly and annual prices for each of the included services:

Streaming ServiceRegular Monthly PriceAnnual Pricing
Netflix Standard with ads$6.99Not available
Peacock Premium$5.99 ($7.99 beginning July 18)$59.99 ($79.99 beginning July 18)
Apple TV+$9.99$99.99

So, for the purposes of figuring out how much money this could put back in your wallet each year, let’s assume you pay for 12 months’ worth of Xfinity StreamSaver.

This add-on to your Xfinity internet or TV bill will cost you approximately $180 per year.

Paying for each of those three services individually would cost you:

  • Regular monthly rates: $24.97 per month for a total of $299.64 per year. Note: These would cost you $22.97 per month until the upcoming Peacock price increase, then $24.97 per month afterwards. For the purposes of this exercise, we’re factoring in Peacock Premium at the increased price increase.
  • Regular annual rates: $263.86 per year. Note: This number includes paying Netflix at the monthly rate, as there is no annual plan. It also includes the increased price for Peacock Premium.

So, you can expect to save somewhere between $83 and $120 per year by bundling these streaming services together with Xfinity StreamSaver.

Additionally, Comcast is offering the chance to “bundle the bundle” with their “skinny” live TV subscription called Now TV. Internet subscribers can opt into both of these services for $30 per month.

This bundle strategy is similar to that of The Disney Bundle, which allows customers to save on a “per service” basis by agreeing to pay for Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ each month. But that popular bundle does not require a certain internet service to enjoy the savings.

Still, there is a market for this service. And it could save you some cash.

Xfinity StreamSaver is likely worth it to people who:

  1. Already subscribe to Xfinity internet service or find that switching to Xfinity for internet would save them money.
  2. Already subscribe to at least two of the three included services.
  3. Are OK with not having the top Netflix tier.
  4. Are OK with watching ad-supported streaming content.

Are you an Xfinity internet customer? Will you be paying for the StreamSaver service? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the community.

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