Zika mosquito: A real money-sucker


A tiny little mosquito with a powerful punch is now taking a bite out of your wallet.

Pregnant women are being advised not to travel to Zika affected areas forcing them to cancel their travel plans.  Those would-be travelers are now finding themselves with airline tickets and hotel reservations that they can’t use.

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With new countries being added to the list of infected areas, questions about whether there is a connection between Zika and Guillain-Barré syndrome are forcing companies that offer vacation travel to adapt quickly.

Most airlines are working with passengers but it’s a different story with some resorts.

Consumer expert Clark Howard says each resort can decide how to handle Zika-related cancelations. ‘Most resorts do not generally accommodate you even in the event of a major storm, terrorist attack or war,’ says Howard.

He recommends asking the resort to move your booking to a future date. That way the resort gets to keep your money and you can use it at a later date. Howard says, ‘That’s the best in a bad situation.’

While fears about Zika have caused many to call off plans to travel it’s actually a good time to get a great deal on a vacation. If you don’t need to stay away from the Zika zone Howard says now’s the time to travel.

‘The airlines need you; the hotels and resorts need you, so it’s going to be a bargain opportunity if you’re not someone who needs to stay away.’

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