Live on the East or West Coast? Here’s where you’re more likely to travel

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If you’re thinking of going on a domestic vacation, recent data suggests that you’re likely to stay on your side of the country.

A comparison by travel booking site cheapOair shows that people who live on the West Coast tend to visit other relatively nearby destinations, including Los Angeles and Las Vegas. They are also more likely to travel to Hawaii.

Meanwhile, those who live in the eastern side of the United States love to go south to the Florida cities of Orlando, Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

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There are trends with international travel, too.

“The data also shows that East Coasters primarily travel to Mexico and the Caribbean in the early part of the year, but then in May their bookings to Europe spike as the summer peak season approaches,” cheapOair said in a press release.

Money expert Clark Howard says if you’re thinking of driving to a nearby city, think twice before you gas up your personal vehicle.

“Instead of driving your own vehicle on your summer vacation, rent one. Particularly if you’re going in a seven-day block, renting a vehicle could be a lot cheaper than effectively putting all those additional miles on your own vehicle,” he says.

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