Travel Resources


Travel Resources

Consumer Help:

  • Department of Transportation
    Federal Aviation Administration
    Consumer Hotline – 800-FAA-SURE
    Security or safety complaints – 800-322-7873
  • DOT Aviation Consumer Protection Division (ACPD)
    For complaints about air travel service – 202-366-2220
    Or write to: Aviation Consumer Protection Division
    US Department of Transportation
    Room 4107, C-75
    Washington, DC 20590
  • FloridaDept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services
    For Florida problems only:
    In Florida – 800-435-7352
    Outside Florida – 850-488-2221
    Travel problems – 850-922-2966

    Responsible for protecting consumers from unethical sellers of travel. Before contracting with a travel business, call to determine
    whether it is registered and if there are any complaints against it.
    Or write to:
    Division of Consumer Services
    235 Mayo Bldg.
    Tallahassee, Fl 32399-0800


  • Cruise Line International Association – 800-372-2542, 212-921-0066
    500 5th Ave Suite 1407
    New York, N.Y. 10110

    Fare shopping:

  • Best Fares – 800-880-1234
    Order a magazine subscription online or write to:
    1111 W. Arkansas
    Arlington, TX 76013
  • Travel Bargains – 800-AIR-FARE
    Air fare consolidator


  • National Fraud Information Center -800-876-7060
    Check on suspicious vacation offers
  • Woodburn Travel – Bahamas Cruise
    Do not sign a contract for this trip. Write a concise letter, including how you got involved, costs, and why you want out to:
    Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs
    2 MLK Drive, Atlanta GA 30334
  • Class Travel International (CTI) –
    Do not get involved with this company. If you have, contact Michael Hughes, Deputy Attorney General with the California Consumer Protection Office Phone – 213-897-2627
    Fax – 213-897-4951
    e-mail: [email protected]

    Hotels and Hostels:

  • – 800-964-6835
  • – 480-624-6000
  • Hosteling International – 202-783-6161


  • U.S. State Department Travel Advisories – 202-647-5226
  • – Track a flight course


  • Federal Information Center – 800-688-9889
    Passport questions
  • Passport renewals – 800-275-8777
    To find which Post Offices have renewal forms or take applications in person (required for a new passport).
  • Passport/Visa Information – 800-741-7874
    Expedite passports and visas

    Passenger rights:

  • – If the air fare later drops, you are eligible for a travel voucher in the amount of the price difference. This is just one of the many rights you have as a passenger htat most airlines bury deep within the paragraphs of their legal disclaimers.

    Travel Agents:

  • American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) – 800-965-2782
    Agency referrals
    Consumer Affairs – 703-739-8739

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