Travel Photo Gallery – September 30, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by: Barbara S.
Destination: China
About this photo: While touring China this summer, I spotted this colorfully attired gentlemen in a park knitting a cap similar to the one on his head. He appears to be enjoying the task at hand.
Best deal found:
50 cents per bottle of bottled water on our tour bus.

Submitted by: Ron J.
Destination: Cape Charles, Va
About this photo: Spent Labor Day weekend with my sister in Williamsburg Va. Sailed across the Chesapeake to Cape Charles on their sailboat for the weekend with their yacht club. We were walking along the shore by the restaurant at sunset. Saw the flowers down by the water and took this shot. Incidentally we had a great time. The facilities are great there for boaters.
Best deal found: Airfare on Air Tran.

Submitted by: Cheryl M.
Destination: Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia
About this photo: This was literally a last minute trip planned on Wed. & we left on Thurs!Found a deal from Newark to Halifax on Continental for $118 R/T last Oct. We drove from Indiana to Newark; had the time & had never driven this area since relocating from Atlanta . It was a wonderful trip & we were there for 5 days. No crowds; weather was wonderful & we stayed at B&B’s for off season rates!
Best deal found: $118 R/T from Newark to Halifax,NS. B&B’s were deals since it was after Labor Day, too!.

Submitted by: Trey B.
Destination: St. Pete, Fla
About this photo: Me and my wife were married on July 19th. We had planned on having a large cremony in Atlanta, but decided to have a more affordable ceremony on the beach. Instead of $14,000.00 we spent $800.00 for the entire ceremony! The guests were happy to be at the beach and one of our gifts was a condo for the week! We came out great and it was beautiful.
Best deal found: My mom got half price on her hotel room at La Quinta on Clearwater Beach.

Submitted by: Lisa W.
Destination: Milford Sound, New Zealand
About this photo: We visited Milford Sound for our honeymoon. My husband, Sean, is seen in the corner strolling for fossils.
Best deal found: Listening to Clark, we scored a deal from LA to Auckland via Nadi on Air Pacific for $900 RT. (We ended up getting put on a United plane though.) We also got a deal on our hotels while traveling the countryside of NZ by using TripAdvisor. Lucky for us, the conversion rate was in our favor when we went, making an $8000 vacation only cost us about $4000. Score!

Submitted by: Travis A.
Destination: Botoga, Colombia
About this photo:
A Soccer Game in Botoga with the Mountain Range in the background
Best deal found: 3 course meal for lunch in Guatavita, Colombia (2 hours outside of Botoga- the bus ride was $3.50 per person round trip)for $2.50 per person….to many others to mention.

Submitted by: McGill D.
Destination: Reno
About this photo: The Reno Balloon Race!
Best deal found: To get to Reno cheap you fly to Las Vegas on Air Tran $99-139 depending on the day. Then recheck in and fly South West Vegas to Reno for $49 or $59. Not a bad deal.

Submitted by: Dan C.
Destination: Glacier Bay National Park
About this photo: This photo was made from the MS Westerdam as we met and passed MS Veendam in Glacier Bay on Sept. 1, 2009 during our 7-Day Holland American Cruise.
Best deal found: Price of cruise with stateroom upgrade and other benefits provided by Holland American to members of HA Mariner Society (returning customers).

Submitted by: Chris M.
Destination: Cary, NC
About this photo:
I did a day trip to Duke University. What a great campus. This is the Duke Chapel.
Best deal found:
The best deal was pricelining my hotel, $43 for a Marriott Courtyard.


Submitted by: Shanike C.
Destination: Panama City Beach, FL
About this photo: The Cooper Boys at the beach in Panama City Beach FL Aug. 09.
Best deal found: This was a timeshare package.

Submitted by: Ken K.
Destination: Bainbridge Island, WA
About this photo: Digital camera photo of Seattle’s Waterfront at night.
Best deal found: Bainbridge Island’s waterfront restaurants and bicycle shops.

Submitted by: Lynnette S.
Destination: Cape Town, South Africa
About this photo: This was taken atop Table Top Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. I decided to increase the saturation percentage of the photo to almost black & white. What an amazingly beautiful country.
Best deal found:

Submitted by:
Amy G.
Destination: Tortola – The Baths
About this photo: Picture taken July 2009 in the British Virgin Islands. Location – Tortola , The Baths. This is one of the many great rock formations on this beach!!!!
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Patrick F.
Destination: Islamorada, Fl
About this photo: Spent a week in paradise – a rented house in the Florida Keys just after Labor Day. My friend Ellie sitting on the end of the dock inspired this “Corona ad” shot.
Best deal found: Lunch at Alabama Jacks on Card Sound Road. Sadly, it was on the way back home…

Submitted by: R. Gates
Destination: Venice, Italy
About this photo: Dawn, as we docked in Venice after a Cruise of the Mediterranean. Wonderful sights from the veranda of our stateroom.
Best deal found: With three in the room we were able to afford the veranda, usually out of our price range.

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