Travel Photo Gallery – September 29, 2010

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This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe here.) Limit one per week.

Submitted by: Andrea U.
Destination: Oahu, Hawaii
About this photo:
The Mokes (twin islands) in Lanikai Beach in Oahu, Hawaii. Absolutely gorgeous. Sea kayaked to them one day and the backside is very rough and just absolutely amazing!
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Emily D.
Destination: Masai Mara, Kenya
About this photo:
On safari with Mara West, Sept. 2010.
Best deal found: Best deal found was staying with relatives and having them arrange the safari from there.

Submitted by: Patricia W.
Destination: Chicago
About this photo: hicago in the Summer. So much to see.
Best deal found: Water taxi $4.00. Great way to sit and see some of the city.

Submitted by: Jessica M.
Destination: Sedona, AZ
About this photo: My fiancé and I recently visited Sedona, AZ for the first time. We were absolutely amazed at the sight of the Red Rocks. On our last day we took hike to see Cathedral Rock and the view was breath taking!!
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Darla G.
Destination: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
About this photo:
Sitting on the beach on our honeymoon and feeling like we were the only two people there!
Best deal found:
Being married to the love of my life after waiting 33 years to reconnect with that guy from 7th grade.

Submitted by: Chris M.
Destination: San Francisco
About this photo: This is the Golden Gate Bridge around 8 am. This is the northside of the bridge near a pier.
Best deal found: Priceline does it again, $10 a day for a rental car, but the parking was around $27 a day.

Submitted by: Aaron B.
Destination: South Africa
About this photo: Feeding the elephants in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve in South Africa. At first, we were nervous about putting our arms in their mouths. But they were well-behaved and very happy to get their elephant snack pellets.
Best deal found: The plane tickets to South Africa were very expensive. But once we got there, the safaris, tours, and animal interaction was relatively cheap. Plus, we went to South Africa during the World’s Strongest Man competition (the one shown on ESPN where athletes lift cars, stones, logs, etc.) and saw several days of competition for free.

Submitted by: Claude D.
Destination: Grand Teton National Park
About this photo: Large heards of buffalo(bison)can be seen in the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. This picture was taken in the Spring of 2010, when the flowers were in bloom and the the buffalo were still in the process of sheding their winter coats. The buffalo can be seen from the park roadways.
Best deal found:


Submitted by: Dave D.
Destination: New Orleans, LA
About this photo: The light on either end of the day is lovely in the French Quarter, and the street lamps cast great reflections.
Best deal found: Priceline (name your own price) is consistently a great way to obtain low prices on four-star hotels in New Orleans. Got InterContinental New Orleans for $61 this trip (over Labor Day weekend) and have gotten rates as low as $49 at hotels like JW Marriott, Le Pavilion, and New Orleans Hilton Riverside–even over holiday weekends. Also, love the ferry to Algiers. . .a nice way to catch river breezes and views over the Mississippi–at the foot of Canal Street, the ride is free!

Submitted by: April P.
Destination: Peter Island, BVI
About this photo: This is one of the many beautiful beaches in Peter Island Resort BVI. It is more of a private resort and you can have quite time and enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature this landscape provides.
Best deal found: While the initial trip is a little expensive due to the fact that it is a small island, the meals that are included are a good deal for the amazing fresh foods that you get here. Also, there are not a lot of people on the island so you can really be away and on vacation with no one to bother you.

Submitted by: Robert D.
Destination: Searsport Maine
About this photo: This was taken from the main road tp Sears island.
Best deal found: Baits Motel rooms go for $49/nightly. Next door is a great place to eat.

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