Travel Photo Gallery – September 2, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by: Andrew K.
Destination: Alta, Utah
About this photo: We (me, my wife and 3 girls: Bethany 10, Lauren 8, Amy 6) traveled to Utah in July and toured the southwestern part of the state (Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon), then, moved north and stayed at Snowbird and visited Alta one morning, eventually making our way to Park City. We hiked at nearly 10,000 ft altitude at Alta and we were amazed by the spectacular wild flowers throughout the mountainside (the picture is at Alta). I took hundreds of pictures on the trip. The scenery of Utah is incredible! Enjoy the photo!
Best deal found: Airfare. I use to monitor airfare and booked flights for my family when I got an alert for a non-stop for $340/ticket to SLC. I’ve seen better fares occasionally, but this was a pretty good price for a non-stop flight.

Submitted by: Kathy F.
Destination: Siem Reap Cambodia
About this photo: A friend took this picture while I was trying to get a closer look at one of the sculptures at Angkor Watt Temples. I was in Cambodia for six volunteering as a Registered Nurse. Siem Reap is a great town to visit and a smile goes a long way!
Best deal found: Cheap food and cheap tuktuk

Submitted by: Russell H.
Destination: Hawaii
About this photo: View from room overlooking Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Oahu. Very inexpensive vacation spot.
Best deal found: Attending the Polynesian Cultural Center and sharing in their Luau and alcohol free entertainment.

Submitted by: Chris M.
Destination: Sloss furnace
About this photo:
This was at the stroke the fire BBQ festival.
Best deal found: Well it was $15. to get in,All the BBQ you can sample,live music,firing up the furnace.Just a great cheap day.Hey Clark what was the best deal you had to Japan?Sorry i can’t get 750 here in B’ham

Submitted by: Jerry S.
Destination: Cooper Lake
About this photo: Just the simple pleasures. Best vacation spot ever. This mountain lake is only 35 miles from our home. Only cost was a little time and some gas, but it was worth it. My wife and I Kayak this lake often and as you can see it was a perfect day for it!
Best deal found: There was no cost other than about 45 minutes of time and a little gas. The best things in life are often free. The best deal I found on this trip was spending time with my wife in our kayaks!

Submitted by: Misty T.
Destination: Savona, Italy
About this photo: Arriving in Savona, Italy at dawn of the 17th day of a repositioning cruise on the Costa Fortuna.
Best deal found: Repositioning cruises are amazing deals. The cruise lines that have ships in the Caribbean for the winter and move them to the Mediterranean for the Spring offer one way trips for less than half the cost. On this trip for less than $800 we stopped at six Caribbean islands, then crossed the ocean and stopped at Funchal, Madeira, and Barcelona before docking at Savona. I learned Italian on the crossing and had a wonderful time for about what I would have spent if I had stayed home.

Submitted by: Greg G.
Destination: New York City
About this photo: This photo was taken this summer while on a harbor cruise.
Best deal found: City Pass for NYC.

Submitted by: Andrea J.
Destination: Islamorada, Florida
About this photo:
Sunsets in the Florida Keys are so beautiful…the sky turns to fire, and the clouds are dark velvet…and being on a sailboat is the “icing on the cake”…everyone should have the experience at least once.
Best deal found:
Rum Barrel in Key West is a great restaurant with reasonable prices…the Snapper Reuben with homemade potato chips is “to die for”…also the Eco Discovery Museum in Truman Annex is free and is awesome…tells all about the ocean, marshes, everglade systems and animals who live there. And it is a cool place to find shelter in the hot sweltery Keys…

Submitted by: David E.
Destination: Whittier, AK
About this photo: Surprise Glacier, Harriman Fiord, Prince William Sound, just finished calving two large ice steeples, a rare treat.
Best deal found:


Submitted by: Carlos P.
Destination: Montreal,Quebec,Canada
About this photo: Taken at the 2009 Balloon Festival held at Saint Jean sur Richelieu near Montreal.
Best deal found: To get the most of a Balloon Flight, take the early morning flight for about $160 US dollars per person. You will be flying at about 1300 feet for about one hour. The most wonderful experience i have ever had so far. Go for it!

Submitted by: Mike O.
Destination: Bryce Canyon, UT
About this photo: We stayed inside Bryce Canyon National Park in one of their cabins. Beautiful! It was a quick 20 second walk to the rim trail. I walked out to the trail at dusk and took a number of pictures of the canyon, but one of my favorite was the rising cresent moon behind this tree. This is one of the darkest skys in the country and people come from all over to stargaze here.
Best deal found: We decided to take to the road and drive. While there was the gas cost, we avoided airfare ( and the headaches). We also took turns driving through the night every so often and saved time and expenses of hotels. We also caught up with friends we re-discovered on facebook and stayed with them during our trip. The good old roadtrip still lives!

Submitted by: Tammy T.
Destination: Haggars Town Maryland
About this photo: We went for business/pleasure. Found a deal at Holiday Inn. Used points. Went driving around to see the sights and found the old time ball field. So happens they were having a game. We went. Very affordable and you could take in your own snacks and drinks saved big on that. Lots of antique stores, shops and restaurants I would have never visited if not for the just stop and see trip we went on!
Best deal found: Going to the ball game and getting to throw out first pitch!

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