Travel Photo Gallery – September 2, 2008

This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery
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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. Clark will comment on one photo each week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.) Leave YOUR comments below!

Submitted by: Jenn P.
Destination: Siem Reap, Cambodia
Best deal found: I just HAD to comment on last week’s picture that claimed a deal of $250 a night in Siem Reap. I traveled through Southeast Asia for 8 weeks and never paid more than $25 for a guesthouse room. Given, I never stayed in a 5-star hotel, but a private bedroom and bathroom is all you really need when in a country like Cambodia! And the locals that run the guesthouses are so sweet and accommodating! We also found a private tuk tuk driver for the day to drive us around the Angkor ruins for only $13. This picture was taken at sunrise over Angkor Wat. And I have to mention that in Laos we found a guesthouse for only $3 a night! Everything is so affordable over there!

Submitted by: Ricky A.
Destination: Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska
Best deal found: This was on an eleven day cruise that was not very cheap, but we flew round trip first class on frequent flyer miles.

Submitted by: Christopher R.
Destination: Grand Caymen Turtle Farm
Best deal found: Cruise to Grand Caymen only cost our family port fees. (my brother in law works for the cruise line.) Our best deal in Grand Caymen was to take the city bus to the turtle farm. We went to the farm by taxi on the cruise before this. The driver rushed us through the farm because she was double parked and charged our family nearly $30. This time we caught a city bus for $1.50 per person and spent all the time we wanted at the farm. We were amused at all the tour groups that were hurried the the farm while we spent a very enjoyable and memorable afternoon. The bus trip was also a very interesting experience. The bus appears to be a privately owned minivan with jump seats that allow more people to ride. We met some very interesting people on our return trip and saw much of the island many people may never see.

Submitted by: Charles L.
Destination: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Best deal found:  We had many deals in this country during our 114 day cruise around the world.

Submitted by: Debra K.
Destination: Anchorage, Alaska
Best deal found: Our own place to stay at, so that’s a good deal already!

Submitted by:  Joe H.
Destination: British Virgin Islands
Best deal found: House rental with boat included.

Submitted by:  Rebecca F.
Destination: Rome, Italy
Best deal found:  A bird’s eye view of Rome. Can you pick out the Red Roof Inn.

Submitted by:
Megan R.
Destination: Santorini, Greece
Best deal found: Renting a car to drive around the island for the day as opposed to taking the organized excursions put on by the cruise ship.

Submitted by: Sabrina P.
Destination: Keni, Alaska
Best deal found: Staying with friends.

Submitted by: Jomek B.
Destination: San Juan
Best deal found: Flight was 218 round trip with Airtran, I used my hotel discount got hotel stay for 39 dollars a night, then i was able to find a rental car for 17 bucks a day.


Submitted by: Aicha B.
Destination: Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
Best deal found: Spirit Air airline ticket $429 — Steak lunch for $3

Submitted by:
Barbara W.
Destination: London, UK
Best deal found: Many museums and sites are free plus the the sights you see just walking are wonderful!

…and now, the next installment in the adventures of Dana F. and his 1976 bicentennial Appalachian Trail  hike!
Submitted by:
Dana F.
Destination: Appalachian Trail
Best deal found:  A wild green belly commode we stumble across along the trail. There was no charge for the public facility.


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