Travel Photo Gallery – September 15, 2010


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos and deals submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorite every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Kate M.
Destination: Zion National Park, Utah
About this photo:
First light of sunrise as it illuminates the Court of the Patriarchs, Zion National Park.
Best deal found: The small GorillaPod tripod that was small and light enough to fit into my carry-on backback, allowing me to capture this shot on a long exposure.

Submitted by: Lane C.
Destination: France
About this photo:
The Versailles Palace. The beautiful Palace at Versailles can be reached from Paris by train in about 30 minutes and is a must see. It is an easy day trip for anyone visiting Paris. Rich in History with its famous Hall of Mirrors and massive 250 acre garden the visit there could easily take up a day but is well worth the time.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Leslie V.
Destination: Myrtle Beach, SC
About this photo: We moved to Myrtle Beach about 3 years ago with 2 large dogs. Within a year, we found and adopted Chloe who loves the beach and this wonderful dog park in Myrtle Beach. A large pond for swimming and fetching, treed areas for chasing squirrels and a beautiful location close to the ocean, all safely fenced in for our four legged friends. Myrtle Beach State Park is five minutes away, so many evenings we start there on the beach and then go to the dog park for a run!
Best deal found: Myrtle Beach Barkpark is free – locals and visitors alike are welcome!

Submitted by: Shelly S.
Destination: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
About this photo: My husband and I spent a week in Cabo this past July. We rented a car and drove away from the resort and civilization. This is the first picture I took on this particular day. It captures the desert, rocks, beach and waves.
Best deal found: Our tickets were approx. $600 a piece. We bought them in May I believe.

Submitted by: William G.
Destination: Florida Keys
About this photo:
On a snorkeling trip in the spectacular florida keys, I shot this from the 135 foot tall “alligator reef” light house.
Best deal found:
3.09 mid grade, no ethanol added, pump gas at the local marina. Real gas!! My boat smiled for a week!!!

Submitted by: Diane G.
Destination: Bangkok, Thailand
About this photo: Graffiti in Bangkok
Best deal found: Roadside food vendors, you can get a meal for 20 baht (approx 60 cents US).

Submitted by: Claude D.
Destination: Grand Teton National Park
About this photo: This is a picture of the Teton Mts. in the Grand Teton Nationl Park, Jackson,Wy. This is a beautiful area to visit anytime. It is a great place to spend a few days just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Yellowstone National Park joins Grand Teton National Park on the northside.
Best deal found: A weekly rental car from the Boise, Idaho for $144.The distance from Boise ot Jackson, Wy. is about 400 miles.

Submitted by: Pete D.
Destination: Sequoia National Park
About this photo: You can’t imagine how large these trees really are until you see them. In this photo my wife tries to get her arms around a sequoia. It makes me think of so many people today who are trying to get their arms around their financial problems. It seems to be bigger than they are..
Best deal found: There is a shuttle service to the south entrance of Sequoia National Park. It leaves the city of Visalia, CA. and makes the trip to the visitor’s center at the south end of the park. The shuttle picks up passengers at several hotels in the area. It is a very good value at only $15.00 per person in season and $10.00 out of season. Once in the park, there is a free shuttle service that transports you to all the sights. We were in a motor home and were too large for the road into the park. The fare was less than the fuel to drive in if we could. This is a great service at a very good price.

Submitted by: Martin P.
Destination: Orlando
About this photo: Cinderella’s Castle on a beautiful August Evening prior to the fireworks display. Taken after eating an expensive hot dog dinner at Casey’s Corner. Clark would not approve.
Best deal found: $75 Discount on Disney tickets with a timeshare sales presentation. The presentation (Marriott) was actually quick easy informative and fairly low pressure.


Submitted by: Jim J.
Destination: Baltic Sea
About this photo: Baltic sea cruising to Russia.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Helen R.
Destination: Niagara Falls, Canada
About this photo: Horse Shoe Falls, taken from the Hilton Hotel Dining Room.
Best deal found: Two Great deals found. Air Train $64.00 one way to Buffalo, New York. In Niagara Falls, People Mover Bus ticket 8.00 dollars Canadian. Good all day, ride as often as you want. Great for sight seeing tour. Get off and see the attraction, get back on to the next attraction. Best way to see Niagara Falls.

Submitted by: Jeff T.
Destination: Malaysia
About this photo: This is a prawn farm (known as shrimp in the USA) just outside Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The devices on the water are to add oxygen for the prawns. Palm oil is the areas number one product and is produced from the trees in the background. There were also plenty of wild monkeys in the trees surrounding this farm.
Best deal found: There were great bargains on clothing in Malaysia. Also, food in Malaysia was very good and very inexpensive.

Submitted by: Denise B.
Destination: Fiji
About this photo:
This is one of the many amazing islands in Fiji, called Castaway Island. Just outside this island beauty is deep sea fishing, we caught 2 large Mahi Mahi, IT WAS GREAT!!!
Best deal found: On Treasure Island, where we stayed, the all inclusive is the best deal. They also have a 24/7 daycare island service to give parents a break. The kids scuba and island search for great treasures. So much to do!!

Submitted by: Andrea U.
Destination: Santa Cruz, California
About this photo: Getting ready to head down the pacific coastal highway to San Simeon. Spent the day at the Santa Cruz boardwalk and just before heading out saw this beautiful sunset.
Best deal found:

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