Travel Photo Gallery – September 1, 2010


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos and deals submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorite every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Lane C.
Destination: Amsterdam
About this photo:
With its many canals Amsterdam offers plenty of photo ops. This photo was one of my favorites with the old church in the background.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Kenneth W.
Destination: Cross Country Motorcycle Ride
About this photo: Three of us riding motorcycles left 8/6 for a cross country ride. We rode the bottom part of the country up the west coast and back thru the top part. We got back on 8/17 and in 12 days rode 6,235 miles. One of our first stops was the Grand Canyon, this is one of my best shots.
Best deal found: We had great deals as we stayed at mostly Motel 6’s and split the cost between three people in one room. Two beds and a roll away. Each night normally cost us around 15-20 per person a night. We at breakfast at the hotel which was free and Sub-Way for lunch. Was the cheapest trip I have ever taken but seeing so much of the country was so great. I have many more great photos.

Submitted by: Claude D.
Destination: Alaska
About this photo: This picture was taken in Glacier Bay, Alaska in May,2010, from aboard the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship. May is an ideal time to make this trip, because the mountians are beautiful with plenty of snow, and before the Summer tourist season and hot temperatures.
Best deal found: A seven day round trip to Glacier Bay from Seattle in May or September. Prices are lower at these off peak seasons.

Submitted by: Dave D.
Destination: Savannah, GA
About this photo:
The iconic fountain in Forsyth Park
Best deal found:
A great restaurant south of the center called Geneva, Geneva. Just call ahead to make sure they will be open. . .if business is slow, they can close early. Great food, good prices, and very friendly service.

Submitted by: Lauren O.
Destination: Sydney, Australia
About this photo: The Opera House shot from Milson’s Point on the north side of the Harbour Bridge.
Best deal found: Roundtrip airfare from L.A. to Sydney on Delta was $670, including taxes and fees. I found the rate through the New York Times Travel Deals email.

Submitted by: Nancy K.
Destination: Victoria, Australia
About this photo: Sunset at Bay of Martyrs / Bay of Islands along the Great Ocean Road in Australia
Best deal found: Bed & Breakfasts: Top rate accommodations for as little as $99 / night. Use Capital One to avoid foreign transaction fees. Use (similar to priceline) to book accommodations in the city. We snagged a room in Downtown Melbourne near Flinders Station for $137.

Submitted by: Richard G.
Destination: Belize
About this photo: My fantastic trip to my culture. As I am of Mexican Indian descent, I was most gratified to be able to travel to ancient Mayan ruins.
Best deal found: offers all inclusive service when booking a cruise. From fantastic last minute booking deals on their “ninety day ticket” program to inclusive flight and hotel and a real live agent to talk to, this is very user friendly. I estimated the daily cost of this eight day vacation with cruise, fancy meals, souvenirs, flight, and tips to be about $180 per person on a conservative spending plan.

Submitted by: Robert D.
Destination: Harrington Maine
About this photo: This is taken from the Harrington Boat Landing in Harrington, Maine
Best deal found: Own your own island. Another island just a stone’s throw away is going for $180K.

Submitted by: Kathryn Y.
Destination: Paris
About this photo: We took this on our honeymoon as we watched the sunset on our way back to the hotel on our last night.
Best deal found: We walked everywhere. The hotel staff thought we were strange to not need a car, or taxi. Saved a bundle with good shoes and a great map.


Submitted by: Valerie B.
Destination: Ireland
About this photo:
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Theresa T
Destination: Seattle, WA
About this photo: On a driving trip to the West Coast, we happened upon the Lowell Observatory and caught an incredible sunset.
Best deal found: Cheapest gas in the West in Oregon since there is no sales tax there.

Submitted by: Sylvia R.
Destination: Hells Canyon
About this photo:
On our way to Hat Point in Hells Canyon we stopped to check out the scenery. We met this little fellow instead…
Best deal found: Wildlife viewing for free!

Submitted by: Andrea U.
Destination: Maui, Hawaii
About this photo: Sunrise on Haleakala Crater
Best deal found: Stayed in Lahaina in a one bedroom condo and car rental for 4 nights for $120/night. Awesome deal through Costco travel.

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