Travel Photo Gallery – October 8, 2008


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. Clark will comment on one photo each week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Jennifer H.
Destination: Cannon Beach, OR
Best deal found: Rent a condo and bring your own food. This is especially a great deal if you have children who want to eat every two hours.

Submitted by: Karen H.
Destination: Maine
Best deal found: On a tour with Caravan Tours and Air Tran to Boston. Great trip -K

Submitted by: Tom A.
Destination: Masai Mara, Kenya
Best deal found: Upon arriving at the Masai Mara the view of landscaping and wildlife was all free. What a bargain!

Submitted by: John O.
Destination: Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Best deal found: I was able to stay at the English Inn, located in Esqualmalt, located in Victoria, B.C. for winter rates, while it was summer time. The day transit pass at $8 allowed me to cover a LOT of ground and travel hassle free all over Vancouver and in Victoria

Submitted by: David T.
Destination: Isabela, Puerto Rico
Best deal found: Flew on buddy pass, brother works for Delta.

Submitted by: Danny C.
Destination: Kona, Hawaii
Best deal found: Hiking down Pololu Trail in Waimea,HI-free. Air Fare to Honolulu from Clark Howard escapes $486.90 R/T. Condo in Kona $75/night,4 nights, 2 B/R house in Hilo $85/night for 3 nights on VRBO the week of Sept 1, 2008.

Submitted by: Cat G.
Destination: Manchester, England
Best deal found: Buying souvenirs at the “Pound” shop! Lots of great deals to bring back to the US! We were able to stay two weeks with relatives and see Man U at Old Trafford…GREAT TRIP!

Submitted by: Debra K.
Destination: Cordova
Best deal found: None really other than the ferry ride over. This sea otter was eating right off the dock and wasn’t bashful.


Submitted by:
Kelly K.
Destination: Monument Valley
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Rebecca F.
Destination: Wasilla, Alaska
Best deal found: Here we are on the way to visit the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, the future Governor of Alaska and the future Republican VP candidate. Well, we can pretend.

Submitted by: Mitch O.
Destination: Canadian Rockies, Alberta, CA
Best deal found:

Submitted by:
Destination: Sunset Beach, Honolulu, HI
Best deal found: Without question the HUGE bean burrito and Horchata from the authentic mexican drive through!!!! Do we have one of those in Atlanta, Clark? Please tell me we do! I keep craving it, as I have not tasted a burrito as good since.

Submitted by: Lewis P.
Destination: Bali
Best deal found: I spent September in Asia. Delta to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (No sale found.) 15 days in Bangkok and 15 days in Bali. Air Asia is a cheap local airline for seeing Asia. Was taken to see a Hindu Cremation Ceremony near Ubud in Bali in Indonesia. The two little boys were taking in the ceremony and wearing their traditional clothing a sarong. What may seem taboo in some parts of the world is normal in others. A great trip.

Submitted by: Justin Z.
Destination: Alaska Peninsula
Best deal found: There are always many good deals to be had in many small Alaska towns.

Submitted by: Laura M.
Destination: Yosemite National Park
Best deal found: Roundtrip airfare from Atlanta to Sanfrancisco…$186.00

Submitted by:
Dan N.
Destination: Grand Canyon
Best deal found: I drove for someone who needed help with a trailer. They covered all the expenses, including gate admission to the Grand Canyon.

Submitted by:
Chris C.
Destination: San Juan Islands, Wa
Best deal found: Odlin County Park on Lopez Island camping right on the puget sound sandy beach with great views–very low cost! Also for the Washington state ferries pay Westward only- (go all the way to Friday harbor first,) then get all ferry travel East back to Anacortes for free..great free island hopping!

Submitted by:
Michael W.
Destination: Peruvian Amazon River Basin
Best deal found: After my trip, I got an email from Clark Howard indicating a special for $352 plus junk or thereabouts. I had been forced to book a last-minute trip at a last-minute price, about $1200. I was assured by family and friends who had been before that there was no good way to get a good deal on a flight to Peru. I forwarded them the email I got about the deal and everyone stood corrected. I think some of them booked the flight, even.


Submitted by:
Miguel M.
Destination: San German, Puerto Rico
Best deal found:

…and now, the next installment in the adventures of Dana F. and his 1976 bicentennial Appalachian Trail hike!
Submitted by:
Dana F.
Destination: Appalachian Trail
Best deal found: Finished at last, finished at last, thank the Lord, we are finished at last. As you can see, the top of Mt. Katahdin is covered in clouds and yes, that is ice on the sign. The feeling of accomplishment is priceless. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

More Notable Travel Notes:
Las Vegas by Dorota C:
There is no better and cheaper accommodation than staying with your friends! My husband and I drove all the way to Breckenridge, CO for our few days ski vacation and then drove to see my friends in Las Vegas. We stayed with them for few days. It was amazing. Went hiking in the Red Rock Canyon. In the background – Las Vegas. If you love hiking – that’s the place to go.

Zoo Atlanta by Belinda M: Annual membership for two + guest for a little over $70.00. No limit on number of visits and this picture and many more like it are priceless!

Jackson Hole, WY by Regina D: Jim Laybourn’s Wyoming Photo Experience (great deal). We found Moma Bear #366 off the normal tourist path. I have some wonder photo’s of our adventure of scenery and wildlife.

Cape San Blas, FL by Marty F: Indian Pass Raw Bar. Known as local hangout. Best Steamed shrimp & oysters we have had in Years. Very casual,get it your self beer & wine coolers. Cape San Blas,very quite atmosphere, only attractions, Sun,sand,surf. Wonderful.


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