Travel Photo Gallery – October 28, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by: Wende B.
Destination: Western US States
About this photo: While camping at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton Nat. Park I saw a postcard with this barn on it and wanted to go there and see what I could do with my camera! Found out where to go the next morning and I was just one of many photographers trying to get “the shot” of the morning.It was a fun experience.
Best deal found:
The best deal being over 62 is the Golden Age pass!! Free access to the National Parks and National Monuments and a discount on camping. Saved at least $8 each time we camped!! And instead of staying in hotels for showers and laundry we stayed at some really nice KOA camps. More expensive than camping but much cheaper then most nice hotels. Average around $25/night.

Submitted by: Timothy B.
Destination:Coron Island, Philippines
About this photo: This is a Photo from on the trail to Kayangan Lake
Best deal found: Found tickets for airfare for $1260.00 and stayed at a wonderful resort called Busuanga Island Paradise for right at $76.00 US per night that included a full breakfast. Some of the best food I had in the Philippines!

Submitted by: Rick G.
Destination: Mid-Coast of Maine
About this photo: During a hike in one of the area’s nature preserves I spotted this Praying Mantis praying for prey.
Best deal found: The Boothbay, Maine area has a number of nature preserves where the opportunities for exercise and nature photography are abundant and free.

Submitted by: Curtis R.
Destination: Med. Cruise/Rome
About this photo: Roman Colosseum. Original wooden floor (covered with dirt to absorb blood and other stuff) removed for visitors to view what is called “back stage”. Rooms held contestants (victims if you will) and even the beasts for conflict. All seats free in those days unlike our arenas and stadiums of today. Royalty and hierarchy sat in lower levels (Box seats, of course) and progressed upwards to the top where peasants hollered for popcorn.
Best deal found: Not too many “deals” on cruise tours. Second time around consider self touring every location with safety in mind.

Submitted by: Jose D.
Destination: Kyoto, Japan
About this photo: This is a picture of the famous Golden Temple from across the pond in the famous city of Kyoto, Japan where the famous Kyoto agreement was signed.
Best deal found: None really. I traveled with Japaneese colleagues. Since all travel information was in Japanese i dont even know what i paid for the Bullet train ticket. Jose D.

Submitted by: Bryan E.
Destination: Prague, Munich, Salzburg
About this photo:
Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany. Absolutely stunning day with fog rolling in off of the Alps provide a mysterious backdrop for this photo.
Best deal found: Apartment Tynska 7 in Prague. Enormous 3 bedroom apartment located in the heart of the historic district in Prague. Only $175 per night which is a steal for the location. This place was in a 500 year old building that is almost as big as my house! You don’t find that very often in Europe, especially in the middle of the historic parts of town.

Submitted by: Amanda C.
Destination: Kuwait City, Kuwait
About this photo: Photo was taken at the base of the Kuwait Towers, a well-known landmark in Kuwait City. The main tower, which also serves as a water tower, has a viewing sphere which provides magnificent views of Kuwait City.
Best deal found: Best flight price for October (purchased 30 days in advance) was $1295 round trip on United Airlines. Best sight-seeing deal was at the Grand Mosque. Admission was free. English-speaking tour guide spent over an hour with just our family and was great with our children. They gave out free postcards, souvenir posters, and toys at the visitor center at the end of the tour.

Submitted by: Edgar C.
Destination: Pindamonhangaba, Brazil
About this photo: Two hours from metropolitan Sao Paulo you can find this marvelous spiritual resort named NOVA GOKULA farm. Those seeking peace of heart can really have a great time here in nature at its best. The “Great Temple”, pictured here with Vaishnavism roots.
Best deal found: Inexpensive hotel accommodations as well as camping. Great food at reasonable prices.

Submitted by: Leigh A.
Destination: Aruba
About this photo: Pristine caribbean day on Palm Beach, Aruba. October 15, 2009.
Best deal found: Marriott Resort Stellaris. Tradewinds club package was semi-inclusive. Upgraded amenities with breakfast, lunch, drinks, desserts included. Fabulous resort!


Submitted by: Richard W.
Destination: Japan
About this photo: My wife and 2 youngest in front of this famous landmark in Miyajima, Japan. We spent the day at the Hiroshima museums and took the ferry to Miyajima in the afternoon. There were no crowds on this weekday.
Best deal found: Foreigners can get a JR Rail pass cheaper than residents. The Rail pass also covered our fare on the JR Bus and ferry from Hiroshima Station to Miyajima. We used the pass to visit Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto as well.

Submitted by: Don R.
Destination: Los Angeles
About this photo: Took a side tour up to Santa Barbara and happened to find the SB County Courthouse built in 1926………with wonderful early Spanish Mission architecture and sculpture! I sure bet for any of the architecture buffs who happen to travel up that way. Downtown Santa Barbara was also a great window shopping street lined with shops that Clark might tend to avoid, but all the same fun to look!
Best deal found: The Seafood Saute restaurant on the way to Santa Barbara out on the Ventura Harbor, Ventura, CA………..great clam chowder and fish specials for lunch.

Submitted by: Gene T.
Destination: Alaska
About this photo: Dawes Glacier
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Maria P.
Destination: Woodbine Trailhead
About this photo We don’t get to travel much, but living here is like living in a postcard. We’re fortunate that we didn’t have to travel very far to get this shot, which we took while hiking on the Woodbine Trail, about 10 miles from our cabin in Nye, Montana.
Best deal found: The best deal is that we found this much beauty so close to home…easy on the pocketbook!

Submitted by: Jolyne D.
Destination: Bennett Springs S. Park, Lebanon, MO
About this photo: A staycation this summer. Drove 1 1/2 hours to Bennett Springs State Park know for its excellent trout fishing. Gorgeous natural surroundings!
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Christine F.
Destination: Dana Point California
About this photo: Beautiful sunset at the VRBO condo. Clark was right, we couldn’t be happier and then we saved all that money for this great view! Thanks Clark!
Best deal found: put us in charge of a great vacation rental and we saved tons of money. We we just a short walk from the Ritz for a fraction of the price. Couldn’t get better than this.

Submitted by: Tony V.
Destination: Heilbronn, Germany
About this photo: This was taken walking over a river in town. Notice the reflection in the water.
Best deal found: Using the trains for travel.

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