Travel Photo Gallery – October 15, 2008


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. Clark will comment on one photo each week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)


Submitted by: Mark P.
Destination: Niagara Falls
Best deal found: Through my company’s corporate travel agency. $234.00 round trip to Buffalo from ATL. I also had a free ticket to use, so I had to use the corporate travel agency.

Submitted by: Annette S.
Destination: Pawleys Island, SC
Best deal found: Off-season rental rates are great and the weather was glorious. For a destination wedding, accomodations were incredibly reasonable. Chive Blossom on the North Causeway to the island and is new and a great restaurant.

Submitted by: Suzanne B.
Destination: Slovenia
Best deal found: Little pizza cafe, delicious and resonably priced. Around the corner from Hotel Jelovici.

Submitted by: Sherrell W.
Destination: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Best deal found: Spirit Air $110.00 total taxes and fees for 1 adult and two children. $36.66 Per Person R/T.

Submitted by: Craig N.
Destination: Orcas Island, Puget Sound- WA
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Gloria B.
Destination: Brugges, Belgium
Best deal found: The rate of exchange was horrible so it was hard to find any “real deals.” However, choosing to rent apartments from internet sites rather than staying in hotels was probably the best decision we made.

Submitted by: Tom C.
Destination: France
Best deal found: Staying with friends / natives.

Submitted by: Mary Anne P.
Destination: Highlands, NC
Best deal found: This is outside of the cute general store in Cashiers NC–they have a pig the kids can feed and the best caramel cakes baked fresh! We stayed at the Colonial Pines Inn in Highlands in their ‘bargain basement’ room for $90 per nite-it was more like a luxury room with a king bed and the breakfasts each morning were unbelievably good!


Submitted by:
Nancy R.
Destination: Peru
Best deal found: The US $ goes a long way in South America.

Submitted by: Mike W.
Destination: Travel Itself
Best deal found: We Ride our ’05 Harley Roadglide all over Michigan and have found the best deals are in the small towns. The people are great, the old buildings are great and although Michigan has been “Hammered” economicaly, we will get by. The people are some of the best around. This is true cheap fun!!

Submitted by: Michele P.
Destination: St. Croix, Analy Bay
Best deal found: 3-Hour Hike with Ras Lumumba!!!! Mountains, Ocean and Rain Forest

Submitted by:
John W.
Destination: Bryce Canyon
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Rebecca F.
Destination: Homer, Alaska
Best deal found: This is the Salty Dawg Saloon in Homer, Alaska. All the walls are covered with dollar bills. The best deal we found was getting out of there without leaving any money on the walls.

Submitted by: MistuhWill
Destination: Musindi, Uganda
Best deal found: $1285 R/T

Submitted by: Debbie H.
Destination: Alaska
Best deal found: We booked an Alaskan cruise 4 weeks before departure & received a balcony stateroom for the same price as an interior room.

Submitted by:
Barbara A.
Destination: Palo Duro Canyon Texas
Best deal found: Local hotel in Canyon, Texas. Named the Buffalo Inn. 21 rooms. Quaint and charming, like stepping back to the 60s, yet it had microwave, fridge, cable tv and wireless internet. I walked to restaurants, the town square and the Pan Handle Plains Museum. It was half what I’d paid last year at the Best Western. Very happy and will stay there again.

Submitted by:
Kimberly E.
Destination: Mt. Rushmore, SD and Yellowstone
Best deal found: As usual, my family knows I am a “tightwad” so we ate all but 3 meals in 11 days out of our cooler which we packed before leaving home. We brought our collapsible grill and grilled out in the parking lot of every place we stayed. I used my business CLC hotel card for any hotels we stayed in, causing $150+ per night rooms to be about $40. I did give $10 extra for a roll away but it was worth it! We ate all the free breakfasts at the hotels to get us a great start to the day. My best find was the Brandin’ Iron Inn in West Yellowstone. We stayed 5 nights there while at the Yellowstone park and did all our cooking in our VERY large room that had a full sized kitchen. We also received free breakfasts there and free internet. I would have to look to be exact but we gave approximately $140 per night for the Brandin’Iron Inn. It was VERY clean, very nice people and very very nice town to stay in. We were there in July and the place was booked solid. I booked early (in February) and received a great discount. Can’t say enough about how clean and nice the hotel was. Most of the NEW hotels in town were going for over $250 a night for room only (not suites, like we had).

We took advantage of all the free things we could, sight seeing was great and we made our way from Iowa through SD, stopping at Mt. Rushmore for their 3rd of July celebration (they don’t do it on the 4th). It had to be one of the most patriotic places to enjoy this time of year. We hiked from the base of the Mt. from Keystone…was quite the hike, but we made it. The place was packed. Didn’t cost a thing! Went to every place in between to sight see and finally made it to Yellowstone for the 6 days stay. I was amazed that we stayed UNDER budget! Eating out would have ruined our budget but I really didn’t get any “slack” from my 8 and 12 year old (or my husband) about eating out of our backpacks as the scenery was so great at all the picnic tables. We had a list of things we wanted to do and got almost every one of them checked off. We even panned for gold in the Wind Cave National Park (for free). I found 4 garnets, but unfortunately we were not able to keep them (since they are from a national park). Great trip. Plan ahead, get all the brochures online, get newsletters, take in all the free sights and activities!


…and now, the next installment in the adventures of Dana F. and his 1976 bicentennial Appalachian Trail hike!
Submitted by:
Dana F.
Destination: Appalachian Trail
Best deal found: Can you believe that we could not find champagne in the back woods of Maine? Imagine that. We did find some brewsky and celebrated with it. Non alcoholic, of course. We did save the difference between buying beer over champagne.

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